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Why does it happen at random times?

Hello everyone,

I have had a bad week of work and health wise, but today i was feeling better and lot postive about work and health issues, i felt pretty good! Suddley i get into bed and i feel something awful going to happen and feel so thristy! Now i cant seem switch off as im shaking! But i dont see how this has happend as ive been having a good day! I feel atm there always something bad going to happen now everyday, getting me all anixous.

Does anyone know how to clam aniexty attacks down? Ive tired deep breathing and listening to music doesnt seem to be working.

Much appricated

Amz x

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Sometimes this can happen out of the blue & I no it can feel even more frightening when you have been having a good day

You seem to be trying the right things

Sometimes we have to wait for them to pass & they will as you no , the more we fear the worse it gets , I no that doesn't help much when you are feeling so bad , but it will pass

Keep doing what you are doing , I hope it goes away soon & you get a good night





Anxiety usually happens at the times you least expect it and that can make it very stressful and frightening but there is no reason why it happens at any one time than any other.

The way to get over anxiety is by losing the fear you have of it. Acknowledge that it is only a feeling and that it can't hurt you, and that *it will pass*

Take care x


Have you told your GP about your experiences?


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