Mirtazapine v venlefaxine ?

Hi all, I went to see MH doc yesterday he wants to taper my mirtazapine 45mg(been on for three yrs) and put me on venlefaxine (not sure of spelling) and something to help me sleep(not sure what) I have OCD, GAD, panic disorder, i do not sleep and am severely depressed. The thing is I have a 12 yr old and a 18 wk old, my partner works away, I am desperately underweight and have suicidal thoughts, more often than ever lately. From what I've read this ven exacerbates these thoughts feelings and reduces appetite, does any one have any experience or info of changing from and to these meds, or just about them. I am absolutely gutted to be changing meds.....,again! any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm in a massive panic about it.......for a change lol! thanks in advance. Nic


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  • Have you tried sertaline?? regards KATE XX

  • hi tying 4 ever, o/h is on mirtazapine 45mg at night & sertraline 50mg seem to work well for her , never heard of venlafaxine but I hope if you try them that it works for you, best of luck.x

  • Hi, thanks for your replies and well wishes:) i haven't tried sertraline but have a meeting with cpn on mon will mention this to her I was put on Prozac at 16 in 96 and have tried citalapram, then fluoxetine (which I think is basically Prozac) and then during crisis 3 yrs ago was put on mirtazapine and given cbt (im now on my second stint) which has been ok until now.........here we go again:( urgh!!!! Thanks again. X

  • Any change in meds will be an upheaval as you know, have they offered you any support along with the change, social worker? counsellor?

  • Hi agora thanks for your reply, yes I am in regular contact with my cpn she visits once a week and I also go for therapy once a week, I have a few "emergency" numbers too. You're so right it is such an awful upheaval but writing this has made me realise i do have a a very good support network and a change is definitely necessary....onwards......and maybe upwards......still trying 4eva:)

  • I've been on venlafaxine and mirtazapine in combination for many years and found them helpful. I presume that you have been taking 15mg mirtazapine in the mornings followed by 30mg at night which is the usual dosage? Maybe the reason for wishing to change you to venlafaxine is the 18 week old and the fact that the mirtazapine might make you too unresponsive to her/his needs. Venlafaxine is usually begun at a low dose and then gradually increased to its maximum. It is helpful in cases where depression is worsened by anxiety. One word of warning though, the low dose comes in tablet form and tastes horrible so take with plenty of water otherwise you will feel like throwing up! All of these types of medication carry the warning that they might make suicidal ideation worse but I've never known that to be the case with anyone I've known on them. It's a legal matter for the pharmaceutical companies. Good luck.

  • Hi, I put on a heap of weight on venlafaxine but wouldn't say anything bad about it other than that. Have been on mirtazipine too and it didn't do much except give me a good sleep, so for anxiety I would say venlafaxine is better.



  • I've been on venlafaxine or it can be called efflexor 75mgs for the past 6years and I can honestly tell you it gave me back my life so nothing bad to say. I started at 37 mg for a week then went up to 75mg i didn't need to increase further. Over the past year i have had break through anxiety on occasion but not enough for me to see the dr. My spellings may be a bit off with the names also.

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