Mirtazapine, anyone?

Hi, wondering what people's experiences have been of mirtazapine? I've had loads of ADs, none of which have either suited me/done much good. I was taken off the last one - by accident, when in hospital, cos the hospital didn't read my records :-O - and actually felt better - more me. I suffer more from panic/GAD, though that is heaps better now.

I am however finally coming to admit that I AM depressed :( I've been fighting going back on ADs, but have heard fewer "horror stories" about mirtazapine than any of the others, and am thinking of asking my GP about them.

Any experiences of them - good or bad - would be very helpful, and very welcome.

Thanks in advance





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15 Replies

  • It made me very sick, was told it makes you crave sugar didnt for me

  • Thanks, knowles - with my IBS that's the last thing i need - and I crave sugar anyway! :(


  • Hi rose

    I've been on it a few months now and it's been a lifesaver for me. I was in a really deep depression. I find it helps with sleep, anxiety and depression. I have had therapy alongside too. I initially had some heartburn and craved sugar but it settled after a few weeks and I feel it really helps me to relax and I've not had bad tummy troubles in ages. I'm busy at the mo but I will be on later if you want I know anymore love eve x

  • Aww thanks Eve - my tum is a real problem for me atm, and I'm not sure how much is physical and how much psych. :( so wondering if it might be worth trying - if my doc will give it to me!

    I'm off to the dentist in a mo :( but will be back on later too.

    Bless you! :)

    Love, Rose xxx

  • i thought you were offering them out lol, yes please ill take a quarter, and put them in with the dolly mixtures mmmm xxx

  • :-D

    Will you stop it , you are on a roll today our Cookie , I am on my second pair of knickers here:-D


  • Cookie!!! Will you behave yourself!!!! :-O (Don't answer that!!!) And no, you can't have any, they'll all be for me - so there! :p


  • hi rose i am on mirtazapine they help me sleep and give you a appetite and they also relax .you.been on them for few years.worth a try

  • Thanks, Kat, I could use something to give me an appetite, I'm losing wieght like a ruddy super model :-O I'll certainly think about talking to my doc, thanks! xxx

  • I started mirtazapine 3 month ago.. They are brilliant give them a try!

  • Thanks, Accy, I have heard good things about them, think I might need something, so will think of talking to my doc! Glad they're working for you, hun! xxxxx


  • Here, have a jelly baby and calm down! :-D xxxxx

  • Whose giving jelly babies away? I want some yum but as you are losing weight rose I will let you have my share and I won't make you rip the heads off hee hee. Seriously though if you are sinking into depression and losing weight I would give mirtazapine a try. I lost so much weight last year I was too weak to walk a few paces and that bad my doc only let me have 7 tablets at a time yikes I was a mess. They stimulate your appetite so eating is less if a chore and although I put weight on I only put on what I needed to be a healthy weight. I'm being interrupted by my toddler now so bye for now enjoy those jelly babies love eve x

  • Awww thanks, Eve, I will take your share of jelly babies, i do need the calories! ;) I'm not quite as bad as you sound you were, but yeah, I am losing/lost weight, IBS doesn't help but my docs seem to have given up on that one! :( So yes, I will definitely consider asking about mirtazipine - need to do something, either on my own or with some meds help! Yummy jelly babies, but I CAN'T bite their heads off, I'm too soppy! :( ;) xxxxx

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