i hate the world today may be i will like it tomorrow

i hate the world today may be i will like it tomorrow

I hate the world today..full of happy smiley people..the world i am talking about is the dam TV .. what is it about so called soaps that cover areas in life such as depression and then like magic three weeks later all is well recovery done (if they not going to show the hell of it ,they should not touch the subject at all)..and adverts grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

with the woman so so happy with her new vacuum cleaner..hummm then i go on my face book page and alot of my friends are actually happy with their new coffee table ..as you can tell i am not at my best today ..so i am sorry if i offend any one ..i don't mean to .. just all the falseness of life some times does actually make me angery


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  • The fake-ness of soaps is why I don't watch them myself. They never get the facts straight about stuff that's important to their storylines (for example, diabetics trying to commit suicide by over-eating sugary stuff? What a bloody joke!).

    I know what you mean with things like facebook too. Hope you feel at least a little bit better now.

    Best wishes wendy.

  • thanks ur reply as made me smile... calm zone for a while

    best wishes


  • hi wendy p, you do sound quite pi...d off over the telly especially the soaps, but you do have a point they can be very fickle over the serious subjects they put on, suppose we are not to take them too seriously tho, take care newton x

  • thanks for your kind words x

  • I, as most people on here know love come dine with me more than should be humanly possible. It cracks me up. And it's so good to laugh :-) I hope you feel happy again soon xxxx

  • I love the always advert that says have a happy period, she quite clearly has never had one of periods!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea Sam that makes me laugh as well , I think what :-o


  • hahahaha you made me smile x

  • I feel like this all the time!! i can't bear soaps that portray problems like that, so i watch the news and then i'm even worse because of what happens the world around us. I've had a day just like you today and it's driving me crazy!! hopefullt tomorrow's gonna be better

  • I have started recording old sitcoms. Right now I watching Victor Meldrew I got such a shock when I heard the sound of my own laughter................. I think that says it all.

  • Sometimes they don't research story lines properly, like the story line incolcing the child protection social worker in East Enders, which lauch a storm of protest by social workers who said it was realistic. Yet, if a character gets taken to court for dropping a cigarrete butt, they drag it out for 6 months. The news is even worse.

  • I try to stay away from soap operas, because I think that they rot the brain, & the only people who watch them are those who have nothing up top, like the people who get obsessed with big brother, or Jeremy Kyle.

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