Day of the party has dawned

Hey everyone hope everyone is ok. Today is the day that my youngest sister (15) is having a party, as a wild child this has filled me with worry. She's posted the event on Facebook, so god knows how many people will turn up, she also has put on Facebook for people to bring drugs and alcohol and is expecting ppl to be having sex upstairs as well. My parents constantly ignore my warnings and expect me to leave my elderly dog with them while I go to my sisters. I am filled with dread, I am tense and anxious to the point I feel sick.


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  • Lock your bedroom door. And get the hell out of their, your parents can pay the bill for the destruction later if they dont think anything will go on.

    Let it happen and be safe at your sisters, take the dog if you can too. I certainly wouldn't allow my daughter to do that in my house, but that up to your parents. I can see how it would make you uncomfortable.

    Take all your valuables with you too. Good luck. I'm sure it wont be too bad, if your parents are going to be around.



  • I took your advice and left with my dog. As I predicted the party was a disaster, I don't agree with the way my parents deal with my sister but they dont listen to me and so I have to sit back and watch them let her get away with everything and her behaviour gets progressively worse! xx

  • Agree with B get yourself out if your parents think it's ok let them deal with it...

    It could be one way of your parents actually seeing the truth...let them all get on with it..

    Good luck matey..

    It will all be over before you know it time goes fast.....

    Let us know how it goes..

    Sue x

  • Yes. Pass the responsibility back to your parents. Xx

  • Agree. Lock your door, if there's no lock, put one on. Take your dog with you, then let her live and learn.

  • Absolutely agree with everyone else. Get out of there - with the dog if possible. And don't go back until at least mid-afternoon. Let your parents and your sister take care of the clearing up.

  • Absolutely agree with everyone else, the responsibility is your parents' and not yours. Do I take it you're male and looking out for your baby sister? If so I can understand that but really it's up to your parents to make sure she's on the right path. Try not to worry, go to your sisters, take your dog and chill out if you can, She won't be 15 forever.

  • I agree with everyone else too! I got out of there with my dog in tow, it's just difficult to stand back and see her getting away with everything and consequently her behaviour getting progressively worse. The worst thing is she has absolutely no conscience or guilt. I am a girl :) But im 7 years older than her and very protective!

  • Let us know how it went , hope you ok

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue, I couldn't reply to your message all day for some reason! I took the brilliant advice of all of you and went to my sisters with my dog! Had a relaxing evening and am super proud of my dog as despite being stressed by new experiences she settled down beautifully, my sisters cat wasn't unduly stressed so it was a success! However came back home to learn that as predicted the party was a disaster, although as usual my sister isn't being punished and can carry on getting away with murder which is a very frustrating environment to live in! And learnt my Aunt who is the easily the most poisonous nasty person in the world is trying to see my niece and nephew ( who she isn't even related to) and made me feel panicky. So as usual, came from a calm stay at my sisters back to a hell hole! How you getting on with everything? Have you got your benefits sorted out? xxx

  • Yes sometimes it plays up I've noticed, no probs...well done least you had a decent environment to go to...let them get on with it..keep out of it as much as you can, look out for you...glad it was ok at your sisters for you and the dog mate....

    We sometimes have to make the most of what we have got..but who knows what's round the corner life can surprise us...keep ya chin up, keep blogging love to hear how your getting on

    Sue xx

  • Flipping 'eck. Come and stay with me, dux. I don't blame you for being cheesed off.xx

  • Haha this is pretty much the environment I have to live in 24/7 and I cant afford my own place and I struggle working with my anxiety so when can I move in? haha xx

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