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We have a self help meet up group that has meets in Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey, would anyone like to come along to a meet?

We have a group on facebook were we set up MONTHLY meets in various areas, we are purely a self help group so do not have therapists attending the meets, everyone at a meet is a fellow sufferer.

We post all meet details on our closed/private facebook group only members of the facebook group can read anything written on it so your friends/family will not be able to see any comments on our facebook group.

Everyone wishing to come to a meet must be a member of the facebook group as everyone going must be able to communicate with each other on the closed group, everyone going must also either have a photo of themselves as a profile photo or post a photo of themselves on to our private members only album so others going can recognize each other at the meet.

Everyone who has been along to a meet have said they have found it very helpful and the people very supportive and welcoming.

The aim of the meets is to bring people together who are sufferers of various conditions so that we can talk openly and freely without feeling judged,so we can gain and give support to each other and make friends with people who truly understand how we feel....We hope to meet some of you soon.


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Can I just join the facebook group please? I have sent a request in. I am up in Yorkshire so wouldn't be able to get to the meet . Thank you for posting xxxxxx


Hi ellabella i too am a yorkshire lass wish we had a self help group near where i live pbobably get more help from a group than gps and health experts as you are with people who understand. My last gp told me to 'keep my chin up' needless to say i don't see that gp anymore!

ruby x


Im in YOrkshire too..... wouldnt it be great!! xx


Welcome to the group. xxx


What is it called so I can type it in the search box on Facebook xx


Its called A.S.H.A xxxx


The symbol of the group is a fist, its a closed group, 104 members at the moment. descriptions says Welcome to A.S.H.A please click JOIN and then you will be added to the group. xxx


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