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The Police are all over the estate,I've got problems,drug dealing,pimping,drink driving,no insurance,cross dressing,being in possession of an offensive face in a public place,the list goes on!

I do like to role play and get into the part,the Police train their officers in my area,no actually,I don't live in a hotbed of crime,how dare you,I happen to live near the Police training facility so there!

Been to the Gym this morning,nice sweaty session,then off to More reasons for a Start Flying,you still with me,no,(Morrisons café,Flying start breakfast),then,off in a bit to yet another meeting to sort out some hypnotherapy,its with the famous guy of the telly,you know the one "Look into my eyes,Look into my eyes,Your under".Yes,he is real,well he is in my head anyway.Dont know what to expect so will expect the unexpected and will discover if my expectations are what I expected or if they are indeed,unexpected expectations,I expect!

Bit tired today,only got to sleep about 2,one of those nights it was,hopefully,the hypnotherapist will put me under for 8 hours at a time,two birds,one stone as they say.

So,will finish me brew and off we go,into the unknown,uncharted waters,moo moo land,away with the fairies,total recall and all that,memories going back to when I was a sperm to find the problem,isolate it and blow it the f up,hooray,cured forever!Bye.

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Love your reasons to be arrested , especially , the possession of an offensive face in public :-D

Would never ne able to keep up with your days , but they make me smile

Hope you have a good time , I am sure you will


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Good for you mate,

The bit about you enjoying role play made me chuckle :-)

Keep posting, you cheer us all up no end xxx

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