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Living the way we want to live with our mental illnesses -now is time

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Because you never know when your last day is and now is what we have and nothing more

Sorry if that sounds upsetting in a way but really, to me, anyway, it is very freeing, relieving... I can be fully me, knowing this is it, now is what I have, this right now;...see, I used to hide parts of myself for fear of rejection or embarrassment but now I am learning to be living how I want as fully myself and not caring if someone thinks poorly of me in this vivid clear moment and I’m not wasting time pretending nor waiting to be me... this is living this is awareness ...

I’m not holding back what I truly think and feel but I do allow myself to be all alone when I want to be and these days I do not wait to wear the beautiful dress to impress but I wear it for myself and I read the great story to visit other places and learn

If you want do the things let’s do them now. Say the things now. How do we want to live now?

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It's not at all upsetting, Starrlight, in fact, it is the truth. This moment, this exact moment in time, is all we have. The past is behind us, we can't go back and change anything at all. The future belongs to no one, it hasn't arrived, it may not arrive.

So yes, I agree, wear the beautiful clothes, use the pretty plates and fancy tea cups, now.

Thanks for the gentle reminder. As always, it is a pleasure to read your posts. 🌹

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((((((((((((Snowdaze)))))))))))) I’m having fun. So good to read you!!!!! Glad you are you!

I have a habit of finding motivation in sad quotes.

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Cool 😎 and motivation in football, are living a great life by loving football

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I recently put a sad quote on my phone wallpaper as I found it motivating and my family thought I had a breakup or something 🤣🤣🤣

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That’s hilarious 🤣

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I want to read some of your sad quotes!!!!!

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Never put your happiness in someone else hands. We suffer more in imagination than in reality. This is the one I put in wallpaper - It all fades away in the end. It originally referred to love I guess but I assumed it referring to pain and hardship.

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Brilliant quotes! I can see why they motivate you. Ha I still find it so funny that people thought your heart was broken as it was not. 😆 💔 ❤️

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After this I've never put a quote wallpaper on my phone

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🤣 you crack me up football-love

Great! So happy for you. Happy Friday.

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Thank you. Trying. Happy happiest Friday to you Cece! ❤️

I like really nice things, vacations at wonderful places, staying in shape, driving nice cars etc. These are certainly good things to enjoy and appreciate.

I'm sure I'm one of the older people in here and as I continue to age, while I'm sure it's not healthy, I think about my life and ponder what it's like to be on your death bed, so to speak. Obviously, none of the things in life or the stuff accumulated matters whatsoever. Looks, money, houses, etc. Instead, what keeps coming back to me is "what have I done to change someone's life for the better, what acts of kindness have I done, how have I made this a better place to live and how much I love people around me, unconditional love.


Pizza and rhinosaurous?

Your words are inspirational.

Yes lol 😂 pizza and rhinoceros

For a minute, I thought rhinoceros was a trendy pizza meat in the U.K.

Nope. RCCOLA lives in the good ol' USA. It's got me stumped. 😊

(I'm good with the pizza part though. Sure wish I could still eat a slice of that.)

Baby rhino and mom

I just thought I should add something, perhaps for levity as I might come across as too serious. So, I thought I should choose a couple of random things, pizza being the first. Really good pizza is indeed really good. And rhinos, especially baby rhinos, just think what a great pet that would be, just for a day or two.

Hi RC! I didn't think your post was too serious. It put the important things front and center. Things such as ""what have I done to change someone's life for the better, what acts of kindness have I done..."

Oh. Let's not forget pizza and baby rhinos. 🤣

See? I can do levity too. (Or at least try.) To tell the truth, I was trying hard to figure out what sport team had a rhino as a mascot.

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I just love you! ❤️ I came back to this and it made me laugh 😆

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That's sooo kind of you Starrlight. Laughing is ultra good. I'm so glad I have a sense of humor. Sometimes you need that when there's nothing else available.

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That is sooooo beautiful RCCOLA thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Reminded by your bravery, and by how clearly you see:

Alfred Lord Tennyson

"The long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep

Moans round with many voices."

"Though much is taken, much abides"

I love love love this my friend ❤️

I'm glad. Me too.

I'm happy you're sharing your painting here again.

It’s a photograph somehow ... I can’t recall how... maybe in a moving car?

Wow! You have quite an eye.

Agree 100%. Now is all we have. It took my illness to make me realize that. I lived in anxiety mode. PTSD hyper vigilance. Constantly worried about the future because of the past.

Things don't matter any more. In fact I've given away a lot of things. My daughters now have the pretty dishes etc. and they use them:) They are not saving them for " special times" That time is now

Great lesson in your post


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That was so me not too long ago Ptsd hyper vigilant because of the past for the future ... yes... I’ve been learning like you have... nice to use nice things... for you, for your daughters ...I remember buying my mom nice things and she wouldn’t use them ... now I use everything ❤️💕including her things now that she cannot 😞

Well said & I agree with you . I spent way too much of my life worrying what others thought of me. Now I try to live each day to the fullest

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Yes let’s be fully who we really are and if someone doesn’t like it f it.

That's so true, Starlight. I was reminded of this, earlier in the year, when I was admitted to Hospital. I had Pneumonia and spent several weeks having tests. It was a shock! And a huge reminder to 'Do what you want, while you still can'. I try now to live in the moment. Which is not easy, when you have Anxiety, but, something to be aware of. 💙

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Wow such an eye opener right!? So glad you are alright now Dubba!!!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I want to live very simply. Spending time with my family and closest friend. My house looks like I am a hoarder. But I am going through everything. Keeping what I love and sharing what I can. Getting rid of anything that weighs me down. I burn my scented candles, wear my most comfortable clothes, and do what I want. When I am gone all I care about is people remembering me with love and a smile.

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That’s beautiful... with love and a smile and I’m sure that is how you will be remembered.

Oh I looooove chucking things. It feels so good! I’m becoming a bit of a minimalist in comparison to how I used to be. Good for you for unburdening yourself. 😌

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I have too much stuff. Used to decorate the house inside and out for every season and holiday. Then there's the mounds of clothes and shoes. My children left behind what they didn't want or didn't fit. So out it goes. Donate the best. Chuck the rest. 😊

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Oh yeah donating is so good; feels so good! Good job Mrspjsmom!

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I feel like I have too much too... with kids there’s always a stuff laying around ugh but I can have control of my stuff so yeah you have inspired me to look through stuff thanks

Its not upsetting its the truth to live for the moment because we don't know what is tomorrow 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈

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This is my story at a later stage. I got about a decade— decade and a half to retire. Caring what others think could literally lead to financial ruin. I don’t have an adequate amount saved to live in the US. I could if I work my butt off but I doubt I can fight age discrimination. I don’t want to wait that long to really enjoy my time anyway. No new car for me, probably no used car either. I hope to be in another country by then. A typical car payment is rent+ in another country. So I am adapting and i can’t complain. I have no ego about helping the younger gen succeed though they don’t seem to want any help at all. Now to get rid of my stuff which is incredibly hard work. I already lived in a place without a lot of stuff for a month and found I will be good with that as long as the city is nice.

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❤️ 💕 💗

Now that I think about it my depression has held me back my entire career. I did alright but my peers passed me long ago. I never got married. Could not see having kids. My mother reminds me of that all the time. My father treated me like a failure. Now he is gone and she can’t remember anything except her childhood. My depression is more under control. So maybe this is my time.

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You’re doing great. I think you are right. This IS YOUR time. What will you do with it? ❤️ ❤️ 💕 ❤️ ❤️ you deserve all good things

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