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How do you stick to exercise and healthy eating?

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I see that people post about continuing a healthy lifestyle because it helps with anxiety and depression. How do you do that? I have found it so difficult lately. Especially right now. When we were all quarantined, I had this empowering feeling of not caring if people would judge me or not like what I say. Now I’m starting to feel anxiety about:

1) The country opening back up and needing to do social things (mostly for the sake of my young kids). Also, are we still at risk of getting covid? How concerned should we be?

2) I want to help move society forward in this fight for justice, but I seem paralyzed by fear of judgement. I feel selfish even writing this because I’m not trying to make this about me by any means. I tend to care deeply and my heart is in the right place, but I say the wrong thing. I want to speak out, but I also don’t want to do it the wrong way. I don’t know if I’m getting my thoughts across clearly at all.

All I want to do is eat anything unhealthy and there’s no energy left to workout. I don’t want it to be that way. Please, any advice about routines, mindset, etc is very appreciated!

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It is hard to stay disciplined and committed to a workout regimen. Only a few months ago I have finally been consistently running and working out. I am beginning to see results and I feel so proud. Now instead of letting anxiety make me procrastinate, I actually look forward to working out(most days). I am kind of being addicted to seeing a change in my body. I guess it helps alot with my low self esteem. I hope this helps and I really wish you the best...

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That is helpful. Thank you!

We are all struggling, I lost 2st before lockdown, although I have not put a lot of weight back 3lb I can not lose anymore. I have a painfull arthritic leg at the moment. I struggle to walk let alone exercise. I am a target member of S.W. so I can go on their virtual site, but it is not the same. I used to do short mat bowling and I hope to do so again after lockdown. The only thing you can do is take one day at a time and try to hep others as well. I can not get shopping for others as we struggle to get our own. I do however call lonely people for a chat. I find it passes time for me and them.

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Thank you. What is S.W.? I’m sorry you have pain in your leg. I have arthritis in my foot from a surgery after a car accident. It does make it a bit more challenging. I wish I could go out for a run or do plyometrics.

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Slimming World I joined on Doctors orders and did not regret it.

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I’m going to look it up right now.

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It looks like it’s not in the U.S.

I understand where you are coming. I think anxiety sufferers might find it easier living a healthy lifestyle than depression ones. After all the hallmarks of depression are low mood, low energy, feeling as though nothing is important etc. This leads to lack of motivation and things that make you feel better in the short term like comfort eating.

I hope you find some answers though.

That’s a good point.

I too have physical health problems and it makes me wince a bit seeing the young people and healthy ones advocating the gym or running! I am in my 60's with lung disease and back pain.

As far as places like slimming world there must be other ones where you live. Good luck.

What helps for me personally, is to give up wheat, and largely cut out refined sugar also. What I found, is that this changes your appetite after a while. It's difficult to give up addictions, but if you want free of the cravings, you have to give stuff up.

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That’s great that you gave up wheat and sugar! I’ve tried before and it backfires for me. I feel so restricted (I don’t eat meat either).

I was already working out 6 days a week before Covid-19, but I did once start from unhealthy eating and being very sedentary.

What this takes is you being tired of where you are currently enough to want to change it. I know that sounds silly, but that got me off my couch. I started slow, 20 minutes exercise three days a week to adding more and more as my fitness improved. Exercise is an anxiety reliever and keeps me from falling back into depressive episodes so it’s like a daily dose of medicine that is crucial to my wellbeing.

Find your reasons to start (weight loss, want to be stronger, have more stamina and energy, fight aging, for example)...find your reasons to make a goal and create a plan that help you meet that goal. Exercise should ALWAYS be something you enjoy, when you find enjoyment you’ll keep doing it. Discipline will come with being consistent and repetitive ...this should help create good habits. You’ll have days where you stray, but you keep reminding yourself the benefits you are getting, so rest that day and start again the next, In short don’t let down days derail your progress.

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Thank you, RoxieDawn! That’s very motivating. I’m going to think about a strong enough reason to exercise that will get me out of bed early.

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I wish I could make myself exercise. I have been trying for months and can’t do it.

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Don’t think of it as exercise..exercise may sound like work and who wants to work? 🤣

Start small. Move around more by simply turning up some music, dance a little. Do something to increase heart rate, hopely you’ll come away with... ‘wow it felt good to get a little pumped today’. Maybe tomorrow you’ll do it again and rinse and repeat.

We burn calories each time we choose to get up off the couch and move around. Can you take a walk (start as a leisure stroll, walk the dog or cat (had to throw that in..if you don’t have a dog 😉😅).

If you find some of this fun, it becomes effortless, your motivation to keep improving increases. In the event you truly just hate exercise, don’t force it, you won’t keep exercising, but doing activities that keep you from being sedentary, can still make a difference too.

Hey, I hope you are well. As a gym instructor the most important thing we teach is setting attainable long term and short term goals, so you can see progress. Find something you enjoy doing as it's important you enjoy the exercise or you have a higher chance giving up. There are tonnes of videos on YouTube you can watch and do along in the comfort of your own house, also Google couch to 5k there's tonnes of stuff to get you started. Just remember there's lots of people in the same situation and getting started is the hardest part. Hope you get on well with it and keep us updated on your progress.

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