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Help I Have Cancer😔

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My Doctor called me this week to tell me I have cancer - possibly terminal. The pathologists are still sorting out if it's in my cervix or uterus. As I don't have a partner at the moment, I am facing this alone😒. Friends and my brother try, at varying degrees to help, but at the end of the day, I'm alone with my cancer. I'm going to work during treatments so I have that to contend with as well. Please send good thoughts my way, I need loads of love and understanding going forward.🙏

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My heart goes out to you at this difficult time,and i pray for a positive outcome,for it is not the death knell as it used to be,the treatments now are extraordinary.i think in many ways,the fact that you are continuing to work is a Godsend,it distracts from endless days of worrying.

However my prayers are for you at this time,and please,never give up.

I also live totally alone ,and its not ideal in the best of times,but you WILL come through this.x


First off I am not a Dr. BUT I can tell you that with uterine cancer, if it’s caught early enough a hysterectomy might be all you need. Most uterine cancers are slow growing, I don’t know what symptoms you had and if you went to the Dr. Right away but I have done extensive research on uterine cancer as my mom had it. I don’t know a lot about cervical cancer though. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that it’s not terminal. Sending many positive vibes your way.

Thank you 💞

Sorry to hear that, but these days they can do so much, I’ve had a few family members and friends who had treatment and are now in remission, wishing you all the best 😊


My thoughts and prayers go out to you.🙏

Thank you Downandout123❤

Sending thoughts and best wishes

Thank you❤

I'm sorry to hear that.

It makes you realise how very little in life is urgent and important when you get bad news like that.

That is the truth Catgirl❤

I'll be thinking of you and praying for a full recovery, my daughters going through ovarian and bowel cancer treatment at the present time, I won't say that it's been easy for her but she's almost at the end of her treatment and we're praying for a positive scan result at the end, with a lot of positive encouragement from loved ones and a good health care team you will get through it, sending you the best wishes🙏pm me any time you're welcome to xx

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Downandout123 in reply to BTCCET

Prayers for your daughter and your whole family.🙏

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BTCCET in reply to Downandout123

Thank you so much all good wishes are appreciated and I truly believe that it helps xx

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Downandout123 in reply to BTCCET

You're very welcome and I truly believe that it helps too. 🙏

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Arymretep in reply to BTCCET

Hope your daughter gets a good result, it’s such a worrying time for all the family, sending my love 😘

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BTCCET in reply to Arymretep

Thank you MD such a long time since we've spoken, hope all well with you 😘

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Catgirl1976 in reply to BTCCET

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter having cancer.

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BTCCET in reply to Catgirl1976

Thank you Catgirl, every good wish helps xx

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Imaaan in reply to BTCCET

My sincere wishes is that the treatment is of the greatest success for your daughter. Its amazing to see how you are always so loving and supportive to others when you're family is dealing with so much.

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BTCCET in reply to Imaaan

You and all my PM friends have helped me through these past months no end wit your good wishes advice and humour, you're all superstars xx

Thank you so much BTCCET🥰

Sending many good thoughts to you Grneyeswanderer

Thank you Roxylox❤

Too much for a person to deal with alone. Use us, HU, as a journal. We’re better than a journal because someone is always listening. 🙏💖

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BTCCET in reply to Isinatra

I just can't imagine Grneyeswanderer receiving news like this over the phone, it must have been hard, would have been far more compassionate face to face 😔

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Catgirl1976 in reply to BTCCET

With face to face the doctor is physically there for support which is what they're there for to support patients who are ill or injured not just a voice on the end of the phone!

I would think having to give a patient bad news would warrant a face to face appointment not done on the phone as at home there may not be anyone around for support.

You're exactly right Catgirl1976❤

Thanks Isinatra❤


I know someone who had stage 4 breast cancer, her second round of treatment and survived. She's healthy for 15 years after so far. I survived stage 1b endometrial. Treatment can be emotionally draining. I used a cancer support network online, cant remember the name but Google it. I also found a mentor at the end of my treatment . And there are support groups at clinics and some have yoga, massage, and other relaxation techniques. I missed out on that. Sending best wishes and prayer.

I'll look into it - thank you❤


Im truly sorry and I pray that you receive an amazing doctor and team that provides you with the best treatment. We have an office headed by a social worker on the oncology floors in our hospitals that help provide social and economical assistance. They can direct you to emotional support groups and even therapy during this trying time. Hopefully they have some programs that you can tap into in your community. I wish you all the best in your journey and a successful outcome in your treatment.

Thank you so much for all your suggestions - very helpful❤

Grneyeswanderer , I can’t imagine. I am sad. That’s all I have. 😢

“When we don’t know how to pray, the Spirit prays for us with groans too deep for words.”

(Romans 8:26 in the Bible, in case you want to look it up)

Thank you propjack❤

Sending love and best wishes. My heart goes out to you

Thank you quickblizzard❤

Healing thoughts coming for you.

Cheers, Midori

Thanks Midori❤

Thinking of you, Grneyeswanderer

your in my thoughts god bless.

Thank you kenstar1❤

How are you today? Don't forget that we're all here for you as you go along your journey xx

I'm pretty scared, but I thank you for thinking of me❤

Your in my prayers too. I pray that you get the best team of help and can get through this difficult time and recover as quickly as possible. We are all here to listen so keep posting. Your not alone please never think you are 💕

Thank you Zara ❤ I'll try to remember that.

Grneyeswanderer, So sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in my later 30's when my 3rd child was 6 months old. It was very scary but at that time I had family support and counseling from a hospital therapist and that was 30+ years ago. Pap tests every year and no recurrences. A "cure" and a good life are possible!

Thank you Knickel19, my family is out-of-state otherwise my siblings would help me ❤

So so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Please do contact the American Cancer Society for information and support you may be able to access in your area.

In UK patients are referred to the cancer support clinic at the hospital.

I hope you will find the best help and support that you need.

Best wishes BK

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