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Overwhelmed...and new here

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I'm an overwhelmed mom/wife/college student. I'm so busy with school I barely have time to help my kids with their homework. I know I have adult ADD. I tried to get help, and was told that I just need to decrease my stress level. LOL yep like that's gonna happen anytime soon! Basically, if I have too many things going, something falls off the tracks. I just hope it's not something involving my kids...which it usually is. I usually just keep going until I burn out. Hopefully, after I finish school and start working in a few months, things will be better and I'll stop feeling like I'm ruining my kids' lives by forgetting and missing important things like school functions clean laundry.

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Hi I'm terribly sorry you feel that way.

Do you have a calendar of some sort that you keep all the important events in?

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I've tried calendars but haven't found something that works for me. I either forget to write things down, forget to look at the calendar, or forget to bring it with me if it's a planner book. I was going to try a big whiteboard on the wall in the kitchen but haven't done it yet. It costs a lot to get a good one.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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Hi again!

Good idea with the whiteboard, a cheaper way to do that might be a chalk board, you can get some fairly cheap roll-out ones, that aren't too big either.

Let me hear from you again soon! ^^

I can so relate! I was a mom/student and even employee at one time, and it was like juggling balls and one of them always falling. I was married then, so I finally let the employee ball fall. I just couldn't do it all.

It doesn't sound like you have too much further to go with school. You've come this far. Give your kids lots of hugs and kisses and extra love when you're home. Cut them some slack, just like you need them to for you you.

And yes, writing "throw in laundry" and any school events that you can attend on your calendar is a great idea from Frishup.

One thing about being a mom in school that you're setting an excellent example for your kids. My daughter was a terrible high school student, but she kicked but when she was in college. She saw me do it. She knew it was possible.

When you're done with school, you can attend all those events and all of you will enjoy the benefits of a better job.

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Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot!

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You can help by determining what the priorities are and what needs to be done first. You don't have to do it all right away and maybe the children can held with some chores. I don't mean anything big if they're too young, however, they can give you some relief.

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You are right, Puffcat. I do try to do it all. My husband asks what he can help with, and I'm like, honestly I don't even know. Just look around and fix it, LOL! Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, kids' homework...just pick one. I do need to get my kids motivated to help more. They usually just end up fighting over who's doing what or who got done first, etc. It's pretty ridiculous. But thank you for the suggestion, I'm gonna keep trying to get everyone on board!

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