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Unemployed and depressed

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I just quit my job in early January as a result of feeling very fatigued, depressed, and anxious. After quitting, I still feel the same level (if not more) anxiety and other negative symptoms which are also impacting my confidence in obtaining another job that may be a better fit for me.

Anyone struggling with a similar situation and has any tips on how to cope?

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For depression related fatigue I recommend trying coenzyme Q10 combined with carnitine. Takes maybe 12 to 14 hours to kick in. Obviously I can't guarantee it works for everyone. As far as I remember, these supplements are just things your body already naturally uses to produce energy.

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Karishma38 in reply to _Alex_

Thank you for the tip; I’ll try this out!

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_Alex_ in reply to Karishma38

There are a couple of different forms of carnitine that you see. Acetyl L Carnitine and also a tartrate form that is used as a sports supplement or for weight loss I believe. Either of them could work for this purpose.

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Karishma38 in reply to _Alex_

Any particular brand you recommend? There seem to be many on the market. :)

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_Alex_ in reply to Karishma38

Not really for carnitine as I have had to switch brands a couple of times.

Also I'm in the UK so I doubt the brand I used the most "vegavero" would be easily available if you're elsewhere.

I personally mostly went for the "tartrate" form. I spoke to someone else quite recently and they preferred the "acetyl" form for an energy boost, so take your pick between them.

For coenzyme Q10 I have always used a supermarket brand (Tesco) because it's a good price for a decent 100mg dose.

I would typically take 100mg Q10 with a couple of 500mg carnitine capsules. And that was both morning and night.

If you know any reputable supplement brands (in general) or high street brands, maybe go for that. I tend to trust high street brands a little more than random brands off the internet. It's often going to be exactly the same quality I imagine, but still. Although I actually went for the vegavero (random brand to me) because at the time it was cheaper.

So yeah, sorry, I can't really recommend a specific brand.

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Karishma38 in reply to _Alex_

Thank you! I'll check out the reviews before purchasing. :)

Fairly similar Am doing a few weeks cover work now. I am sort of hoping to get some online work using Englidh language skills, and my love of history and culture.

Chances slim I'd say. In last job you see, working with many people didn 't suit me 'cos of social anxiety.

I joined a mental health peer group om Zoom, but they are on summer break now..

I walk with music I listen to useful podcasts. I love comedy.

I try to do relevant online courses

ALISON. com do some good free ones.

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sarasmile7 in reply to Roxylox

Thanks Roxylox. <3 That group on zoom sounds good. I have all the same symptoms, but mine are due to going on 4 years of having Parkinson's Disease. I'm 68 and feeling older all the time. Getting more depressed. Don't feel like a "real person" anymore. My hope has waned. Of course, I did have all those symptoms before, but now they are more severe and compounded with other symptoms from Parkinson's. Very depressing. Thank for sharing your post.

hi. I can relate. Same thing happened to me. I was so burnt out and anxious and depressed at the time I left my job and I couldn't be bothered to look for another one for a long time. I eventually landed a new job only because a friend of mine told me about a job opportunity and I went for it. And I stayed there for the past 4 years. My advice would be to take care of yourself and gradually build back your focus so that you can be in the best shape possible when opportunity or inspiration arises. 👍

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Karishma38 in reply to Kainan

Sound advice. Thank you so much!

Hello! Sorry that you’re having a challenge/bump in the road. I can definitely relate. I too, somewhat quit my job during and due to, the pandemic. My job is very demanding emotionally and physically each day... my mental and physical health began to change in a negative way. I wasn’t happy.

Try to stay in touch with your emotions as you seem to be doing. Even though there’s no one remedy for being over worked and depressed, I do know that doing safe things that make you happy is always helpful. Making time to rest, watch the sun rise/sunset, walking or yoga, have some DARK chocolate:-), laugh, set boundaries for people who may trigger negative emotions, do a creative art/craft. Creating things with your hands can be incredibly therapeutic. Seek work that is more fulfilling and less stressful...

Most of all, know that this is just a bump in the road through your journey of life. Keep us posted on your progress :-). Peace

Thank you so much for your response, especially considering it sounds like you have been having a tough time yourself. I can’t imagine not being able to eat and still maintaining such a positive outlook. That’s an incredibly unique quality and just want to recognize you for that. I also love cleaning and find it’s a great coping mechanism and also de-clutters my mind. I hope everything goes well for you, and you’re getting to a place where all your needs are being met - especially the most basic ones like eating well. ~Love and light for your journey. :)

Im trying to deal with a similar situation. I would love to quit my job. It is very stressful to me as i am afraid i will make a mistake and my brain doesnt seem.to.work.well anymore. I cant concentrate on things or think clearly. Makes everything harder. Dr thinks it is lack of sleep. I need the income and health insurance. My job isnt horrible, it just seems horrible to me. I have a therapist to go with my anxiety and depression, but it doesnt seem to help to talk to her anymore. There are good things in my life but sometimes i just dont enjoy them. My dad died over a year ago and i am really missiing him lately. Literal heartache. Wish my gums werent receeding. Over brushing. Cant find my pen. Just the kind of day i am having.

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