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I am dealing with the effects of verbal/emotional abuse as a child and just coming to realization and grips with it in my 40's. I have a lot of anxiety and depression surrounding this, and just need someone at times to be my sounding board and support. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is very supportive but is becoming burdened with him becoming my outlet. I need another source so I don't push him away. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi g8rluver, Let us be your sounding board in order to not overwhelm your boyfriend.

Everyone on here is caring and supportive. They understand the emotional pain we sometimes carry throughout our lives.

I'm happy to Welcome you to this amazing safe site. We are here for each other :) xx

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g8rluver in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much for your kind reply. I look forward to being a part of this community.

I'm truly sorry that you are going through. I went through mental abuse with my x husband for 20 years and was very hard for me to get through it. With the help of my doctors and medication it has gotten allot better. It's awesome that you have a solid relationship. I'm here anytime you need a sound board. Keep your chin up and have faith it will get better.

I too was in an emotional abuse relationship for 10 yrs. lets talk!

We can do that.

Yessss and thank you

No problem

Thank you! At times it is hard to believe it will get better. I know it will. Thanks for the encouragement.

Txt me anytime. I have two books that helped me deal with what happened during my early age days.

What books are they? I am currently reading something about the shame that binds. It is a great book.

Everyone here is awesome... just start posting and there is a lot of support.. Keep smiling .. I know about abuse as well.. Your not alone..

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Thank you!!!

Welcome. Write, write, write-it really helps

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g8rluver in reply to RemySue

Thank you. I have heard journaling helps.

Hello 🙂

Experience, adapt, overcome.

I dealt with quite a bit of abuse when I was lil as well and it still haunts me, though in some ways it made me stronger as well. Sometimes I still struggle to look people in the eye and on a few occasions women took it the wrong way 😂

There are some truly friendly, helpful people here- you found a great place for support.

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Thank you very much.

You've come to the right place. ...very supportive caring people on this platform. Welcome.

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Hj, I am Bill, a Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, I am a member here and have been for just a short while. I have experienced just about everything you can think of both good and bad. I am a good listener and willing to listen, chat on just about any subject you wish. I will help if you need me.

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Lewis, thank you! I appreciate that more than you know!

I too have come to grips with the childhood emotional abuse I endured. On one hand it's enlightening to realize that that abuse is directly responsible for my troubles as an adult, on the other, it's left me with resentment and depression. I don't have any advice, except to keep coming here to this site to unload. It can be immensely helpful to chat about it with ppl who understand and care ❤️

Have you seen a counselor. A trained counselor/therapist is a good listener. This is a number for example that you can call - 855-382-5433. It is toll free and there are licensed therapists who can hear you out and point you to a specialist, if the need be. Otherwise, yes, there are many in this forum, I am sure who can identify with you and we can support you.

Pete Walker is a great therapist in California (USA) - he has a website with excellent free resources you can download (PDF). I have found that his articles are taken straight from his two books. I have both of the books, and the realization of abuse from my family of origin which carried over to being a victim of abuse at the hands of my toxic in-laws (these tend to be recurring patterns; we learn to placate people who abuse us as a survival mechanism even at a pre-verbal age) has been key in my ability to go "No Contact" with all those toxic individuals. My husband's eyes were opened as well because we read Pete Walker's books together. Dr Ramani, Jerry Wise Relationship Systems (youtube) have both also been instrumental. There is a difference between garden variety dysfunctional families and truly toxic families which are enmeshed with specific roles defined by impaired 'caregivers' - even siblings can be indoctrinated into making you the scapegoat of the family and gaslighting. It's not easy work. You can get away from them physically, but then you must do the work of "getting them out of you" which involves quite a bit of grieving. If you cannot get away from them, which happens a lot, check out Dr Ramani. She provides excellent strategies for dealing with disordered individuals. Good luck! You're not alone. xo

I've be abuse physical 1963 till1982 a few physical from family members and friends who I felt as my daughter. Sexual too but continue into 2016 spiritual, verbal too then end after I had completely meltdown from everyone and thing. My grandkids family friends. The biggest talk of the country. I was only was trying to come back where I was the happiness with the Lord trusted the wrong me to help lead when the one 💯wants told me they couldn't. If and one know that christian song (Lead Me). U would understand. But turn out what I was being talk about was my husband.. All I wanted was the Lord.

I know how you feel! I was verbally abused as a child. And as a 30 something female I now carry that with me. I have issues with confrontation etc.

Just to let you know you are among friends. If you want you can slide into my DMs if you wanna chat about things your going thru or just to chit chat.

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