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Weird Things That Helped Your Depression?


I have treatment-resistant depression. The problem is that I have tried just about everything to help it and very little makes a difference. I’ve made a list of the things I can remember trying (none of which significantly helped):





Lamotrigine (rash)

Paroxetine (vomiting, shaking, blood rush)

Forgot the name (so drowsy couldn’t get up)

Forgot the name (made me feel like shit)

Lurasidone (tolerable nausea)

Lithium (could try longer)







Talk therapy

I am currently doing DBT with a psychotherapist, and am starting back on different antidepressants (Wellbutrin) so I can do a clinical trial with an anti-inflammatory (because there is a correlation between depression and inflammation in the brain). But honestly, I don’t have much hope for any sort of antidepressants after trying so many, and the trial is so close to the beginning still that the results aren’t very hopeful.

So what did make a difference to my depression? One thing. A family vacation to Cuba last February. I was extremely depressed a year ago (about the point I’m at currently) when we went on a family trip. I adore the tropics. I love the sun and the beach and the water. We were there for one week. And after we came home, my mood rose from an average of 2 or 3/10 to 5/10. It stayed that way for about three months. And then it started dropping again until I was back where I was before. I have been depressed for several years, but that was the only time anything has made a significant change in my depression.

So what I’m looking for are the weird things. The things you found helped when nothing else was working. Or anything that you can recognize, looking back, as something that triggered a good period in your depression. Or just anything that helped you which I have not tried. Thank you :)

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Music...that's my escape, it helps me. Hugs.

Just wanted to say I'm in the same boat. I even tried ketamine but that didn't work either. The only thing that helps is distracting myself tbh

I was curious about the ketamine. Insurance doesn't cover it and it is really expensive. Didn't know if I wanted to spend all that money to find that it doesn't work.

It just felt like magic mushrooms for me

I’ve heard esketamine (the nasal spray) is more effective (or rather, potent) but also more dangerous and addictive.

Is that a bad thing? Lol

I was not functional when on it and when it was over I was back to my negative self

Honestly. For the first half, I was crying/laughing the whole time, I couldn’t comprehend anything requiring too much focus, and I was extremely hot and sweaty. Then the second half hit and I threw up and then had to go to bed because I still felt ill (for another four hours).

Depends on if shrooms help you. I tried microdosing psilocybin, then doing a trip where I achieved about level 2 (out of 5), then another trip where I reached level 3, where I could actually see the colours. But it made a brain a pretty unbearable place to be, and I also felt pretty sick. Which would be fine, if it helped afterwards, but I did not notice any sort of benefits afterwards.

What I’ve heard about ketamine clinics is that the results are pretty temporary. They are more meant for people who are suicidal and need a break from their mind until their antidepressants can kick in.

bonkers65 in reply to Marshall64

A friend of mine has been trying ketamine for several months and it hasn't helped him.

Regarding your trip to Cuba, I felt the same way when I visited my sister in Florida during Christmas. I hate winter and that trip lifted my spirits.

That’s good to know, so maybe I’m just not living in the ideal climate for my body....

I have heard that electric shock therapy has worked for some but a side effect might be memory loss.

I’m actually on a waitlist for ECT! The issue is that they can’t currently take outpatients because of the pandemic....

Helping others, how ever small or big that may be, when I’m thinking about someone else’s problems and how I can help, I’m not thinking about my own and how bad I feel.

TMS somewhat worked for me, I actually started right before the lock down and was feeling pretty good. I think it would have been great had shit not hit the fan while I was getting treated.

EspressoBeans in reply to ty-lof

I did a full session of rTMS, however long that was. It made no difference for me unfortunately.

Those SAD lights have brightened my mood my mom swore by them.

EspressoBeans in reply to Magyck

Oh I forgot to mention those, I did try that for a while too and noticed no difference. I am feeling worse now than I was when I was using it consistently though, so maybe I should start again. online meetings have been helping me.

I was checked in on 3 day observation and I spent the time drawing a tree and plants and animals with a single pen. When I got home I discovered meditative drawing and I did that every morning for 30 minutes. Eventually I taught it for about a year and a half. I recommend finding any ritual that brings you joy and savor it. Right now it is a favorite podcast and coffee. That time has an affect on your Neuro system. I think that is part of cbt too.

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