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New Challenges to help Depression and Anxiety

I am new to this group and have been suffering from depression from an early age I have difficulty sleeping unless I take Amitripylene which I was only prescribed a few years back i was taking it regularly then I felt better so stopped for a few months now my symptoms have come back i woke up and did so deep thinking why was I feeling so low it started off everyday I would cry I would do something to distract my thoughts but still felt very sad I have been like this for months i forgot about the meds. Which help me sleep. But I started to think deeply about my life what was the true cause of my depression and what could I do about it. Was there anything I could change about my life to make myself happy again? This is now my new challenge to fight depression as the counselling I had several times did not really help me they did not go deep enough it only touched the surface and the last session in 2014 left me deserted. I really think the answer to our problems or issues we may have lay deep within our souls that given time only we can sort and challenge when given the right treatment. The answer lies deep within our souls. We need to follow our dreams and be strong there will be many obstacles to overcome but that is part of life that is part of adventure. Never Give Up always fight back when you can. Take some time out for yourself to give yourself time to rest and rebuild your energy there is always a reason why we get so low, depressed or suffer from anxiety and fear. You can challenge it or walk away. Do what you think is right for you and ask family and friends for their opinions if they aren' available ask this group for advise for you are never alone even when you have no one in your life.

Go to the park or to the shops you meet new people just saying hello or morning can make someone's day try to do a good deed everyday as I met someone in the shop who asked if they could help me this was a blessing and to say Thank you back gave me a lovely warm feeling inside when I got home I cried as I have not had that feeling for a long time knowing that someone actually helped me when I was struggling made my day. So maybe we now have to forget the past and live in the present to move on with our lives this is the way forward a whole new adventure is waiting for us we just need to take the first step to a new challenge.

Now I know and understand why I was given the meds. And I take them when I need them when I need that boost when I get the early warning signs to combat the depression before things get on top of me. I take Amitripylene everyday for a few months then forget to take when I feel ok is this normal or should I carry on with them daily. I stopped the meds. Suddenly as diagnosed with Hives extremely itchy skin which bleeds and is a side effect from meds. I have to go careful as I have had cellulitus several times and needed to give my body a rest now I am back taking my meds again so I feel a bit better and find I have to pace myself to have a better life.

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Hi welcome Alfie19, What a really inspiring & touching read. It is difficult for me atm as I just can’t bring myself to take that step outside. I don’t have any family to talk to, I’m on a total low an just trying to count the days to I see a CPN which I’ve been told is 9 wks.... this all just seems so much for me an feel I need help sooner. Glad you are able to go out perhaps il get there someday. 🙏


I hope you get the help you need soon. I am not able to go out much only when I have the energy I have to pace myself as I have other issues I get drained of energy and need to rest a lot so watch a lot of tv and listen to the radio for company.

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It’s awful Alfie a daily battle😥I need a medication review but looks like il be waiting a long time. I’m going to do my own research an see if I can go private looks like that’s the only option. I’m trying to also find new online friends like being on here is so helpful & supportive I feel I’m not alone reading others stories.


Can you book a consulation with GP on the phone to review meds.

I did this made my life easier.


I rang an asked for a call back an it was a locum doctor not knowing my history I said I feel very flat, tired an feel I’m getting worse and don’t think the medication is working for me. Her response was “what would you propose I do for you” to be honest I was having a bad day this set me off into anger mode where I became frustrated and responded with”I’m the patient an I suffer with mental health issues an your asking me what do you think you should do, I said that’s a disgrace” an put the phone down......😡I’m still in shock that was on Monday. I don’t know what to do next? I’ve no one to talk to as I’ve isolated myself due to my health. Someone recommended going online for help eg CBT or listening to podcasts for support or going private oh I dunno wish there was an instant remedy I could buy at the pharmacy!! 🤔


Omg that is awful please speak to another GP or nurse ASK FOR REFERRAL TO Counsellor


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