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I am fighting for peace of mind.

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I am in the trenches trying to fight my way out. One day at a time, one hour at a time and even minute by minute. I keep doing the work because I know I was meant for more. This is not the way I am supposed to be. Every one thinks I am strong and yet there are times when I feel like it's to much. Doing the work isn't easy but I know its worth it. Being a mom is hard. Right now I have situational anxiety. My son got himself into a situation and it's over taking my world. It's hard to watch them suffer. It's even harder waiting to find out what's going to happen. I wish this pit in my stomach and this sinking feeling in my heart would go away. Can anyone relate?

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Yes, i definitely can. My anxiety has been in overdrive these last few weeks and has taken over my thoughts. Physically it’s been a challenge as well, i sometimes feel the pit in my stomach or chest and it feeds into more anxieties about my health. Your description of fighting minute by minute really struck a cord. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to just function and keep up the work. But you are absolutely right, we are meant for more and we have to keep working at it. I wish you strength and compassion as we head into this day. Keep fighting and if all else fails, please just stop and breathe. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thanks for your comment and your words. It's helpful to be seen and heard. It's also helpful to know someone understands. And for now I will just breath. Wishing you peace as well.

When you said that 'I keep doing work because I know I'm meant for more.', it really resonated with me. I used to be crazy smart and I know I still am but I just can't focus or function properly. I mean, it takes effort to get the simplest things done but I come from a family where mental health issues are viewed as excuses for laziness and I just don't know whom to talk to regarding this and I've just been doing terribly at classes and I have no clue how to get back on track. I hope some day I'm better and wish the same for you.

Wishing you the best! I believe in you!

You are so brave for sharing. There are times when I struggle with being overwhelmed with life. I stop and pray for peace. It really helps settle my heart and mind. I also like to get out and walk or do volunteer work. When I volunteer, I look past myself and do something for someone else. When I am out walking, I take time to take my time and take photographs in nature. I pray that you would find peace in the midst of the struggles that you are having.

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