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This reply has been deleted


When I see, "This reply has been deleted" my reaction is only ever one; that... is... SO... METAL! Legit, I think, "I don't know what transpired but that just HAD to be some day-time-drama levels of shennannigans. It kinda makes me wonder if we can artificially inspire a "This reply has been deleted" apocalypse under THIS VERY POST!

For this to work, the topic has to start off spicy enough. Alright, fill in the blank:

My evil twin did ____________ to me while ___________ ... AND IT WASN'T EVEN A TUESDAY! 😢

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It was probably admin who deleted them.

That makes sense. Also, there's that funsies fill in the blank challenge so...

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Just when you put together a great masterful post it get deleted. Thats crazy😥

Agora1 in reply to Mratl83

Hey Hey Mratl83....nice to see you back :) xx

Mratl83 in reply to Agora1

Hey my friend Agora1 its always i privilege to talk with you. Thanks for the welcome back that means alot.

enigmaticide in reply to Mratl83

To be fair, my most recent, deleted comment, was scathingly satirical in an effort to get a point across; it was MOST DEFINITELY deletion fodder. Lols

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When some and I say "some" people ask for help and then dislike & get pissed when the truth be told or they didn't receive the response they wanted...fluff... You were 100% honest. If you're not "fluffy" enough you'll get reported by certain folks who love drama and get deleted. Be yourself; You're a role model for others Master Enigmaticide.

Feel free to tinker with the formatting if it aids in desired flow.

EX: My evil twin knocked my drink off the table while my cat watched on with approval... AND IT WASN'T EVEN A TUESDAY! 😢


My evil twin dyed my hair purple, green & blue while our mother watched on with approval ....AND IT WASN'T EVEN A TUESDAY! 🤮 (Could not find the correct "snot" emoji so you got "puke"🤮)

enigmaticide in reply to Hidden

Oh man! I'm picking up some hair salon nightmare meets Cinderella vibes. Chilling... for some. I, however, am bald thus impervious to this particular nightmare, though I pity those still enslaved to the wellbeing of one's mane.

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Well Master Enigmaticide, let me say I take excellent care of my Cinderella tresses and as you indicated what could possibly be an "unimaginable nightmare" is not, it's actually quite pampering

You mention you are bald & I must add many mature women find such men appealing.

My evil twin shat in my bed winked to me whilst eating a hot chilli sauce and beef taco ....and it wasn’t even Tuesday

Ah! Well played. Firstly, this thought exercise automatically rules out any and all Taco Tuesdays. Secondly, it proves topical to any following the court room fiasco of Depp vs. Heard. Well done indeed. No one appreciates it when a relationship sh1+5 the bed, but when the turn of phrase goes LITERAL... well, that's some serious, next level sh1+ right there. 🤨

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