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Sad about deleted post


I made a post that healthunlocked deleted and I dont know why. It took alot for me to write about it too (I obviously cant explain what it was about as this will get deleted). I dont understand the need to do that especially given that my post wasnt offensive. Also, I think its unfair not to get an explanation. Its like opening up to someone in real life and them saying 'Nope, you cant talk about that. Im not giving you an explanation. Just change the subject if you want to be in my company'. This doesnt seem like an effective and kind way to deal with someone especially with those who suffer with mental health problems. For me personally it made me feel alienated, ignored and like my struggles arent acknowledged or accepted. That is really sad and I wouldnt want others to feel this way. Sharing what I did and the reaction has been more harmful to me than not now 😞

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I’m really sorry that happened. I know certain topics are restricted to talk about on here. Such as religious or spiritual concepts. Which can sometimes be a struggle as well. However, I have found that chatting with certain people personally about these kinds of topics have proven useful. And hey, if you ever want to write about what is on your mind your more then welcome to message me. I assure you I won’t delete it. :)

Thank you 🙂

Wont healthunlocked just delete whatever I say to you though?

I don’t believe they can if it’s in a message. I’ve spoken about more personal things in chats with certain people and it never deleted mine.

Rudolph26 in reply to Rudolph26

As far as I understand it can only be deleted it the person you write to reports it. So, I’ve just tried to be cautious of who I speak to with certain things. Most people on here though are very helpful and encouraging

Oh ok, someone sent me a harmless message once about my profile name and how it reminded them of something and they said their message got deleted. I just feel quite self conscious now. I need to think what I should do and if I like it here any more🤔

Oh that’s interesting... I’ve never had that happen. And I understand. I will admit, this platform isn’t perfect but it definitely can be helpful. I honestly considered deleting it a couple of time but then realized it was doing more help then harm. It’s good to weigh them both in your head and determine which it is for you. Just know that if you ever need to talk, you can message me on here. And if it deletes maybe we can figure out a code or something lol :) but really, I do hope you find what you are looking for. Whether it be on this platform or another.

Yes, thats a good way of looking at it. This place has done me more help than harm. Thanks for reminding me of that 😊

No problem ;) Anytime :)

I thought this place was meant to encourage open communication and expression. The principle of its existence is to give us what we struggle to find face to face - the opportunity to express who we really are and feel heard. Surely deleting posts with no explanation gos against the ethos of what this is all about? 🤔

I’m sorry your post was deleted but the subject matter was better left for a one on one discussion. It may have been too private a matter for the sensibilities of most people. Don’t give up hope, this site is still a good place to talk, with discretion, about our issues. You don’t have to leave unless you choose to.

Thanks LilyAnnepuppy 🙂, I understand your point that sometimes things are best left to a one on one discussion. So, did you see my post then?

Wasn’t sure it was the post you mean but I did see one this morning which contained some very private stuff.

Im not sure what time zone you are in so it could have been seen when it was morning for you. I posted ot about 1 hour ago.

There are two admin accounts listed under about and also under the heading supporting the community on the right side of the main page. You could try sending them a message. I agree that they should at least let people know the reasons for removing a message. I believe with the private messages the only way it would get removed is if the person you are talking with would report it.

Thank you for telling me that

Sorry to hear your post got deleted....some people on here are too quick to be pushing the report button unfortunately can’t say shit without someone goes wingeing about it

I'm sorry to hear you are hurt by your post being deleted. I've had a few of my responses to posts deleted. While it does hurt, I think admin is just trying to make sure everyone feels safe here. It must be hard given that everyone is triggered by different things. I have no idea what your post was about, so feel free to tell me to mind my own business if you want to. I'm just giving you my two cents.

I think Rudolph is correct in saying that the only way admin sees a private message is if the person it's sent to reports it (although, I have heard that, when someone reports a private messages, the report is sent to HU (which I'm guessing is filtered down from there?) ).

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