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Stuck in life and need advice


I'm a really indecisive person which I think stems from anxiety and I really need some advice on what to do.

I'm really stuck in terms of schooling/employment and what to do next. I'm 21 so would be considered a mature student fyi. I did my A Levels after I left school in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature. I got ACD respectively and applied to do Psychology (BSc) at a specifice uni as a deferred entry and got in but cancelled as I didn't really want to go and only applied because I felt pressured to go. I have been working on and off since then but haven't anywhere in terms of a secure job and feel like a failure.

I have been considering university again as I feel like I have to do something but can't find a course I'm sure on. I don't think Psychology that I originally applied for is for me as I'm not at all interested in the science focused approach they have. There's a course at another university (Psychology with Criminology and Criminal Justice) that feels more suited to me but transport would take over 2 hours to get there as well as a high cost as I can't drive so I don't know if that's a viable option. My other option is doing Psychology with Open University and continuing working short term. Then I have the completely different route of doing UAL extended diploma in Art and Design as it is a career I would love to do and is my biggest interest but have always been told there's not a lot of jobs in the industry. My problem with this though is I would feel as though I am going backwards by doing an A Level equivalent qualification again and what I would do after that if I'm not interested in university.

Sorry if that was real big ramble, I'm just completely torn and have no one to turn to for advice so would love to know what you would do in this situation. Anything to help my decision would be welcomed!! Thank you :)

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I found that a values exercise to be helpful in giving me direction in all different areas of life. They are general values and traits but they help to define what is important to you and how that relates to decisions you are facing. I would definitely avoid letting people pressure you, that a sure way to make bad choices.

Here is one example , but there are many other ones out there.

Thank you!

I understand the indecisiveness. What to do? What to do? Laundry. Vacuum the dog hair away. Naps. Meds. Videos. I would do more but it is too hot outside and besides we are under the falling dust cloud from the Middle East or where ever. I will walk the dog in the afternoon when it is cooler. Sheltering at home for the moment.

I'm the most indecisive person I've ever met! It's a real struggle

I remember being you and all the confusion I went thru for many years. Thankfully it has changed a lot since then. I would say find your self a creditable therapist to help you thru your dilemma, I finally got into therapy at age 39 and it helped me So much, A great book I recommend that helped a me a lot is by Dr. Scott Peck "The Road Less Traveled" when I read it, it was in the top 10 best sellers for 7 years, Amazon has it new/used. Write a journal about your thoughts and feelings daily,, that could help give you clarity. Write to us, we offer support and love, I send you love n hugs........strength and clarity......

This has been really helpful, thank you! I'll definitely take a look at that book. I hope you're well too

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