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Anxiety is rough today


So like I posted a few days ago, had my first panic attack in April, dealing with anxiety that I can’t shake off. Finally might give in to meds but I’m so nervous that I will just create a cycle of needing meds. I feel like I have anxiety about how to help myself on top of my anxiety. I hate this. Been through so much in my life to let anxiety win. I try not to worry since it’s barely been 2 months & everyone reminds me that it takes time. Just need positive reinforcement that brighter days are ahead. I feel this new anxiety has taken me from truly enjoying moments with my kids & my hubby.

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PriscillaB in reply to Crabbing


Hi. Yeah it might take a awhile for a medication to reach a therapeutic effect. I do take one medication and I’d say it helps, but I would also say that taking medication is not the be all end all sort to speak. What’s more important is the healthy habits that you develop along the way. When I get a panic attack or feel that anxiety is creeping up, I know that something is off. Something I’m not doing, or something I’m doing too much of. It might be that I’m not taking care of myself as best as I could. So, the stress accumulates and anxiety ensues. So anyways, it’s not a forever thing. Good habits are what lasts long term and should be given greater consideration in my opinion.. Medication then takes a back seat and would only be a maintenance kind of thing, which you and your doctor could always work out.

PriscillaB in reply to Kainan_li

What has helped you ease the anxiety? I feel like I’m asking for help & have done something’s to help my state but have not been consistent & I know it sets me back.

Kainan_li in reply to PriscillaB

Right, the key is to stick with it long term. I try to meditate every day. Doesn’t always happen, but I try to stick with it. What kinds of things have you been doing that helps you?

I do understand your anxiety. I developed it about a year ago for no particular reason. Had nothing to do with smoking because I was smoking at the time. I do take medication and there is nothing wrong with doing that if you really need the help. I have been smoke free for 110 days and I wish I had done it a long time ago. Hang in there.

I have been feeling anxious and shaky the last 2 days. I decided to take my xanax for now. My job and life have been stressful over the last two weeks and I guess my body is reacting to it. O hate the feelings and sensations. However usually after taking my meds for a few days sometimes 2-3 pills at .50mg it lessens. I also add exercise and healthy diet to it. Just take care of yourself and realize it important to rest and relax.. eat right and exercise. My last episode mt doctor had me stay on the pills for 1 week and it went away.

Hi, I too started having bad anxiety ( work related) last November, was even put off work by my doctor. I hasn’t really had the chance to go back since covid 19 but probably will go back in b August. This terrified me sometimes and other times Ii can be ok. I am on medication but very low doses since I can’t tolerate high doses. Medication is not a bad thing if it helps you. Try them they may make a huge difference. I too feel like the very bad days rob me from my family, I just can’t shake the catastrophic thoughts about getting yelled at by my boss again or getting crazy situations come up, but there has to be light at the end of this tunnel

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