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what do you do with your anger


I am still hurt and still angry with how someone treated me. we no longer speak and I accepted their apology but I am still angry and hurt, how can I deal with this?

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Hi Sblack18 and Welcome!

You deal with the hurt and anger by letting it go.

Not an easy thing to do but it must be done in order

to heal from the pain.

If you don't, anger will tend to just eat away at you

until you suffer physically from the effect or mentally.

I'm sorry this happened to you but now it's time to move on. :) xx

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thank you for you response, I'm trying. time does heal all wounds. :)

I think it takes time.

You're aware of your anger which I believe is a good thing. When I've just carried on without acknowledging the hurt & anger I've made mistakes and ended up more angry & hurt. Sometimes, I've channeled it into cleaning !

You were hurt, righteous anger is ok. Allow yourself time to recover. You accepted their apology, in time you will be able to move on.

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I hope so, thank you for your advice I means a lot to have someone understand. wish you all the best :)

I wish I had the answer. There are things that happened to me over 15 years ago that I still find myself feeling angry about. Just when I think I have let it go, something reminds me or I remember the incident, and the anger comes back. So I don’t know how to truly “let go” of it. I want to, but it seems like I can’t make peace with it. Some scars are too deep I guess.

Forgive yourself and that person who you allowed to hurt and disappoint you let it go!!!!!!!!!!


Time is the only cure, time heals all wounds!

Hi there

There are many things you can do with anger.you can turn it in to art,music a poem.

Try writing down how you feel honestly.then write down how you honestly feel about the person you are angry with.

Ok so it’s impossible to just forget because hurt doesn’t just disappear no matter what.

Forgiving is said to be easy but to truly unconditionally forgive is not somet humans do well.

Perhaps as I said write down both sides meet the person on neutral territory and read to that person how you honestly feel.

You may find after that you will have a group hug and all the anger and anxiety will disperse from your chest and it’s gone

I hope this helps


I know how u feel I find it hard to control my anger and get upset with people n situations in my life what has helped me is counting my blessings and by understanding that I am only hurting myself no one else and there is no point in hurting urself u need u !! Xxx