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What are some things you all do to get through your anxiety?


When I start feeling my anxiety coming on. I'm still trying to learn how to handle it. It hits me hard when I start feeling overwhelmed. Then my mind starts racing with things like... I need to clean the house.. I need to finish this project for work.. I need to finish a project I have at home.. I need to start and finish this project for a friend.

I just need to find some ways to handle my anxiety. It gets to a point where my head it pounding and sometimes my chest will hurt. My main thing is my head pounding.


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I believe it’s really about training our thoughts. It takes practice and a lot of patience. I try to baby steps when I get overwhelmed. Instead of thinking “omg I have so much to do,” I try to think “Things are going to get done. This has happened before when I got overwhelmed and wound up doing everything in spirts anyway. So why bother getting all anxious again when I know I’ll do things when I feel like it.”

Sounds tough right? That’s why it definitely takes practice. I honestly started believing that thought after trying it a bunch of times. And during those times, I was definitely overwhelmed and just did what I could with the belief that this will change in time.

I hope you feel better!

I feel you. Same things happen to me, just tonight actually. I try to distract myself and realize I can’t do everything on my “list” right now. Once I’m distracted and a bit less anxious/tense/overwhelmed, it feels more manageable. Listening to music or meditation, taking a walk or shower, reading are all things I do to help my anxiety. Hope you start feeling better soon!

This is what just happened to me. I hate it when I feel an attack coming on when my kids are in the same room, so I have trained myself to walk outside to just take a breath and try to get rid of my current thoughts. It actually helps to get rid of the thoughts, to me it's like pressing restart and just trying the same activity but just approaching it in another way.


I set aside 30 minutes a day to do some yoga and alternate nostril breathing. I was one of those people who didn’t really think yoga did that much but I did it one day a few months ago and never stopped. It truly helps. I’ve found that after doing yoga I’m able to think more clearly and come back to my to-do lists easier.

When I'm at home and feel a little anxious or that I'm starting to head that direction I wash my face. It sounds weird but I have an exfoliating grape scrub that i will use and wash my face thoroughly and then moisturize...it gives me a refreshed feeling and I can focus on something else...now dont get me wrong I dont use the exfoliator everyday..that's no bueno

Try to not blend with your mind too much. My therapist often says that you can be a thought or you can be the observer. When you are the observer it allows you some distance from your thoughts. Exercise helps a lot too. When you feel overwhelmed just try to exercise and see how you feel after. I often feel I'm just too tired to feel anxious after exercising, maybe it will work for you too. Also, remember that the feeling always passes and will be replaced by better ones.

Now that you have said that ... after I exercise I do feel refreshed.. my issue is I always feel like I don’t have time for anything .... my schedule is really overwhelming

No when you say try not to blend with your mind.. I don’t understand what you mean

You can make exercise more of a priority then you can fit it in your schedule. When I say blend I mean your mind can come up with all these anxious thoughts, but you don't have to engage with them, just watch them come and go. If you've never tried meditation, I encourage you to try. It was confusing for me at first too, feel free to ask more questions.

Whenever I start to get overwhelmed and start overthinking, I try to write down things I need to do (either for the day or week) and prioritize them based off of things that need to be done either that day or urgently. I also listen to music, cook, watch my favorite YouTuber or Hulu, or just sleep.


I really appreciate all the tips listed here. I focus on training my thoughts, my diet, exercise, my sleep patterns and thinking through the scenario. Like what is the worst thing that will happen if I don't get X, Y Z completed today? Usually most things can truly wait so I make a list and start with the most important one first. Breathing and encouraging music helps me too.

Thank you all for all of the tips I have taking something from all of you and it seems to be working! I take my dog running so that has helped.. I also have made a to do list and made a note on it that everything is not going to get done today and it’s okay 😊 ... I’m trying to teach myself to slow down and take a moment.. I’m not trying to beat the clock 😊

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