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Ocd, depression, virus

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Hello everyone on here. I hope everyone’s doing well with everything that’s going on. Today I’m having one of my down days. The sadness is trying to get to me in the worse way. I have ocd and depression and with everything that’s going on it’s starting to take its toll on me. I do try and do things to keep busy, I’m an avid weightlifter, I’ve been riding my bicycle, reading, I even learned to play chess. But that depression is trying to get a strong hold of me. It reminds me of that pic where a man is walking up a tall mountain, and trying to push a huge rock that’s rolling downward onto him. I’m struggling lately and trying to stay the course. I have to, not just for me but for my little girl that I absolutely adore.


12 Replies
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Here's some cyber hugs and here's hopin' that they help :)

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Thank you 🙏

Hi Strongest123,

Sorry to hear you are struggling , is their someone you can talk to, family, friend ,therapist or Dr? Are you on any meds? You are doing everything to improve your wellbeing. It is difficult but you are doing well. I have been where you are and I had to fight to live for my children and struggled until the meds kicked in. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and had OCD.

I had counselling from my church for almost 2 years which dealt with a lot of trauma. It was the hardest fight for my mental health. I always tell people 4 things help me recover: a good dr, the right meds, a good therapist and a safe, non judgemental place to talk. I had good people I could call up if I was struggling. Someone once wrote on this forum that he looked for a church that did counselling because it was cheaper or free. Maybe that's something you can explore?

At the moment alot of people are struggling. A few of my friends from work are struggling. One of them have been newly prescribed some meds. I was telling her the meds would take 6-8 weeks to kick in and that she shouldn't watch the news or be on social media for her well being. It's hard for her she's a real political firebrand!

Praying for you, keep safe.

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Thank you so much for you’re response. This forum does help me. I do talk to some people about my issues, but I think some people don’t quite comprehend the magnitude of OCD, anxiety and depression. These diseases don’t take a break. They’re always there trying to creep up in any chance they can get. I’ve had OCD all my life, and have had depression on and off for years. I do see a therapist and also an APN for my meds. I’m currently on Zoloft and Tintrillex, and Xanax as needed. My APN says I’m medication resistant, cause I’ve tried any medication under the sun. I’m very blessed in a lot of ways, so I do count my blessings each and every day. I have a little girl that knows about my disease. She’s just nine, I absolutely adore my little baby. SAMSON

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I'm glad to hear that you do have support and you don't hide it from your daughter. My children helped me recover when I had my breakdown in 2007. I didn't want to traumatised them. Mental illness is inherent in my family and I have to be here to guard their mental health and wellbeing, to show them that it can be beaten and to keep on going when you're overwhelmed and struggling.

I take fluoxetine when I'm ill. I have been lucky that the first meds my dr prescribed worked for me. I later found out it's actually prozac and good for depression, anxiety and OCD. So when I become ill again it's back on the meds. At the moment I have to read training policies for work at home, that's making me a little stressed and anxious. I have come to realise I can't sit still and read. I learn by doing. My friend said I maybe even be mildly autistic. She has an autistic son and an autistic budgie. Don't ask! The budgie's with the right woman.

You're doing good, just keep reaching out.

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Thank you very much. I was on Prozac many years ago and it made me pretty sleepy. I couldn’t stay on it.

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Believe it, your words are so healing to hear.

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I am on 20mg tablet, then one time a psychiatrist upped the dose to 40mg and it made me drowsy. So I went back to 20mg and I've been on that dosage eversince, on and off.

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Hi, sorry your depression is acting up, you have a pretty good perspective on it though and I think you will find a way to work through it.

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I so get this. More than I'd care to admit. My daughter also helps me to push through, but I include her in my activities. Maybe you need to take a break from your regular cycle and mix it up with things your daughter does. It's gonna get weird, but you'll both learn more about each other and it just might help shake this round of the sads off. If nothing else, at least you tried.

Hi Strongest 123

Sorry, you having to go through that.

Are you on antidepressants? If not, it's hard as hell to fight depression without meds. Antidepressants helped save my life, but joy back into my life. I'm not living a normal life with the help of meds!

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Hello, yes I’m on Zoloft 200mgs and tintrillex 10mgs

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