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Overcoming Depression

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Hi, I just joined this support group today and I’m excited to be here. This is my first online support group that I’ve joined for my depression. I’ve been depressed for quite awhile but have always been functional except over the last year where I ended up need to take intermittent FMLA at my job. I’ve been on meds for years and they seem to take the edge off my depression. I am realizing that I need to actively start to try and pull myself out of this depressed state that I’ve been in. I work and that’s all I do. I have let everything else go and that’s no to say that I’ve ever had a passion or hobby in the past. Has anyone else started a journey to recreate a life and start doing things that you enjoy? I don’t even know what I would enjoy anymore since it’s been years and years since I’ve actively participated in life.... My motivation to do anything is nonexistent and that includes cleaning and showing and just about anything else you can think of. I don’t want to be this person anymore and want to change. I want to start living again and I’m hoping that is possible after years of being depressed. Thanks for listening and hoping everyone is staying safe with what is going on in the world.

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I just joined today myself. I have also been depressed for many months. It started with severe health issues, followed by my Dad dying from lung cancer to losing my beloved Chihuahua after 16 1/2 years (I accidentally dropped her and damaged her spine and she could not walk), to losing my job in February after 14 1/2 years.

I can completely relate to having nonexistent motivation. That is exactly how I feel. I have 0% interest in everything. Whereas I used to be on top of getting things done, not it's a chore to just clean my condo or go get groceries.

Do you still have your job after this Covid crisis? I keep feeling like I'm in a dream that I want to wake up from.

Hi Sheree, thanks for replying! You’ve been thru a lot! I can sympathize with u regarding losing your father to lung cancer. I lost my brother in law to it 2 years ago. I’ve been thinking lately that I really became more depressed after going thru that 2.5 year cancer battle and I’m now thinking it really effected me to my core. His passing left my sister and two young kids so it is really sad. I think about him a lot and feel so sad for the kids growing up without a dad. I’m really sorry about your dog, it’s very sad. I’m sure you took excellent care of him/her and should feel good about being a loving dog mom. I’m sorry for the accident and it’s very hard for you I’m sure. I have a small Yorkie and have accidentally hurt him .... seems like every week he’s yelping from something I’ve accidentally done to him. I had to put a cat down 2 years ago and still feel huge guilt... I can’t even think about her ... I do have my job still and luckily get to work from home during this virus stuff. I don’t even have the motivation to work. I live in the US- Indiana. where are u from?

Thank you for your reply. So sorry for your loss of your brother-in-law and the void left in your family.

I’m glad you have your Yorkie to keep you company. I live in Raleigh but originally from Columbus, Ohio.


So sorry for your losses


Hi & welcome


Hey there and welcome! We're so glad you're here!

Hi, I just joined today, too. I am on FMLA as well and do want to recreate myself. I have lost myself. Anxiety and depression have been with me for much of my life. Sometimes mild yet currently very high for over a year. I am taking it day by day to get back to me.

Hi Begonia, I have both anxiety and depression too. I’m growing so tired of living in the same manner day after day. In my mind I think about doing things like cleaning and organizing my house, eating healthy foods, going grocery shopping, planning out meals to cook, going for a walk on the beach, walking my dog..... and, I don’t do any of it.... I can’t seem to force myself to be productive and that goes the same at work... my job has us all working from home which I am thankful for because I don’t have to shower and get ready everyday... I can even take showers or brush my teeth everyday... I’m so ready for a change but at a loss of how to make myself move. I hope u are doing well. Are u on full time FMLA or do u work on your good days?

Hi. I think you're doing a great job!

I am on FMLA all days, not working. I have been reading novels a lot and that helps, yet it is lonely. I cry most days, less since not working, yet still it just comes over me. The last two days I self talked my way through it, deep breathing, too. I lack ambition for daily tasks. Sleep most mornings. It is hard to be deep in this, especially with everything closed. I live for the evening when my family is home. I do daily prayer, ask God for help. I watch minimal news. Some days I watch tv and some days not. I have been walking, once to three times a week. I am seeking joy, journaling my feelings and positives of each day. This is a tough journey. I would rather run from it all and be on a beach!


Thank you for sharing. Welcome!

Depression is treatable with therapy, medication and a good support group. Online groups like this are a huge help. Feel free to share your feelings and I hope you will find comfort here.I have a sister who was diagnosed with anxiety, she refused counselling, but she has a support group which is a big help to her. She improved a lot since the day she was diagnosed.

Please stay strong. We are here for you. God bless.

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How did your sister get set up with a support group? I am on medicine and have a therapist too. Also reaching out to all of you is so helpful, hugely helpful!

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