Depression Kills

Depression Kills

A lot of people do say that "depression kills" but they don't know what that person is going through. They still talk behind your back, making gossips about you and doing everything to drag you down. They don't even know that they are the reason why a person will commit suicide. Their petty and judgemental mouth are the reason why people die from depression. Even if someone dies, they'll never stop. The world doesn't care about you, unless you die. People will only cry for you for awhile then move on. Depression is like a war, you either win or die trying.

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  • Great post. I agree with you. Nobody understands what we go through everyday.

  • Nobody will be able to understand, even if we die.

  • So true. It's sad. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. I have severe depression and have had it for years, since age 12 actually. Stay strong love, you got this😘❤

  • Sorry to hear that😔 we all gotta stick together (mental health awareness💚🌎💪)

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