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Phobia of developing mental illness


Hello so I had a fear every second of the day that I was going to die this lasted for about 5/6 months and then virus hit and my attention zapped onto that and I strangely felt a lot better I still felt anxious but I felt good to do things like working out, but now I have suddenly developed a phobia of developing the same mental illness as my dad he has paranoid schizophrenia and developed this in his late 20’s I haven’t had much of a relationship with him but he has completely lost his mind and hasn’t really had a life just spending it in mental homes. I am so so scared this feeling won’t leave, what can I do it’s like my brain is trying to trick me into thinking I have symptoms when I’ve never hallucinated or heard voices but my brains telling me I’m going to. I honestly feel like I’m going insane I’ve lost my appetite I can’t do anything because I shake and feel very sick.

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Sorry to hear ur going thru this. However, that is what I live with all day, every day, that fear of dying. I've been tryn 2 understand how I got 2 this place but don't know. Not sure if its just the unknown or leaving the people I know & love. I hope u get thru urs, its a struggle but I'm tryn to get thru mine. 😉

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Yes i have slightly got over that fear of dying it’s still there but I’m more focused now on going insane like question all my actions and ever and thinking has this just been me leading up to me going insane like my dad. I don’t know you circumstances but are you able to work through this? I was able to work through what I call normal anxiety but when the thinking I’m going to die hit I couldn’t work or even go outside! I feel like it all gets triggered by an intrusive thought or me feeling ultra depressed and thinking everything is pointless. When I try to come out of it it’s like the anxiety is telling me no no normal people would think this and you are crazy! It’s a never ending cycle but I guess we have to keep fighting I hope this eventually goes away for you! It’s sends me into feeling displaced and derealised it’s like a door we have opened and now we have opened it it’s hard to forget! Hopefully we will pull through it! Xx

I know how you feel, trust me it gets better ❤️

Thank you it’s nice to hear some reassurance as sometimes it gets so dark ❤️

Hi. I personally know how you feel bc I have close relatives who have mental illness and I had the same concerns growing up. It's time to stop being afraid. Make that choice. It's a new mindset that can be created by you. First of all u r not your dad. He has a different genetic makeup than you. Second, if you are not experiencing any of the symptoms then you do not have it. Third, talk to a psychiatrist you can trust. They can only prescribe medications when u r going through symptoms but they can calm your nerves about it. Fourth, if you get help now and educate yourself about it through a professional's help the odds are you will be able to better manage the symptoms if u do face those challenges. Fifth, do not get your info from Google or from your own research unless you are prepared to seperate your emotions from facts and can deal with too much info. I dont advise you to do your own research bc theres too much info out there and it can cause more anxiety within. I hope all my advice has helped. Feel free to contact me if need be. ✌

Thank you so much this helps a lot I know I don’t have symptoms but my anxiety is high if I hear something I have to go check it’s from something so I know it’s real I’m always on edge thinking I’m going to start hallucinating, but then I know it’s my anxiety! The only thing that sets it off worse again is knowing that my dad had really bad health anxiety thinking he was going to have brain tumour so I think if he had this than I’m slowly developing into what he’s got hopefully not... thank you I will keep away from researching as I have noticed I do that a lot when I feel very anxious! I spoke to my mental health nurse and she told me it was anxiety, so I guess I need to tell myself it’s just anxiety. Thank you very much helps a lot! Xx

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