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I don't know what to do


I thought it would be easy but it's a lot harder for me.....I had tried to keep my ex as a friend since he was the only long term friend I had learned to open up to ...however I chose to quit the friendship since it felt like I was always clinging on him, he preferred hanging out with his other friends, he only came to me when he needed refuge over about 1year now....Now I really have no one to talk to about how I feel now....I know it's right to quit the friendship but am scared how am to live ......the truth is, I have never been grateful for being born... every where I go....life tosses me around however much I give and sacrifice all I can......

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I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this, he should be there for you. I don't really have any super helpful advice, but I would suggest talking to someone else. Find someone in your life who you KNOW you can trust. Whether that's a friend, counselor, parent, sibling, or someone else, just try to talk to someone about it. It'll really help you. Trust me. I've been there. Just know that you have people in your life who are HERE FOR YOU.

Am not really close with my family....but will find someone someday....I don't easily open up to people I know....many have judged me before

I bet if you focus on finding the right person to talk to, you will find them very soon. In the meantime, just keep telling yourself, "If I keep pushing through, I will find the right person soon". If you ever have your doubts about it, just tell yourself that. You WILL get through this.

Thank you

No problem, I'm glad I could help!


Alabi thank you for sharing. It seems that you are a good person trying to do the right thing. yes, life likes to throw us curve balls. it does get hard. I urge you to dig deep inside you and find that person. you were created with a purpose. you are valuable. you were created with talents. believe in yourself. turn those negative thoughts in to positive productive thoughts. it is very important what a person believe in. for it will be come reality. you are a survivor. an overcomer. you can get past this. hugs of encouragement.

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