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How long does lexapro take to relieve panic attacks? I'm on week 5 and I'm stressed it's not working. Any advice?

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Sorry...about that .....I would like to find out the exact reason you are stressed....is it because of the medicine or something else...if it's something else you have to relax about it....the medicine will take a while longer if you get external stressors

Emilyjem in reply to Alabi

I've been having some relationship issues lately, due to paranoia from my anxiety. I'm doing counseling but that just started.

Jasmine1062 in reply to Emilyjem

Girl I feel you my GAD has put so much stress on my relationship and I’m on lexapro waiting for it to work too

Hi Emilyjem, I agree with Alabi, in that it takes more than the medication to relieve

panic attacks. Getting down to the root of your stress can be helped with therapy along

side medication. :) xx

Hi Emilyjem,

I am on week 5 too. Started off with 5mg for two weeks, and been on 10mg for three. My doctor wants me to continue with 15mg and eventually 20mg because I keep suffering a lot. I see some improvement but not as much as I wished

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