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Hope & Positivity


I am so so happy to be writing a positive post. 2 weeks ago I felt as though I would NEVER get better, or feel like myself again. I was researching inpatient anxiety treatment centers, and fearful of every moment of every single day. Then I had an epiphany in the shower... If I could go from feeling like myself and normal to completely lost, depressed, and anxious all the time, why couldn't I go back? Why was I so set in my head that life would never be better and that this was a permanent feeling? Let me say quickly that I am nowhere near 100% or cured, today I still went into the pharmacy and started to feel panic and anxiety, but I knew I would get through because I changed my mindset. I started reading this book, "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes, and it has been absolutely life changing. It will change your perspective and give you hope, because it let's you know that you are NOT alone. I have such a better understanding of anxiety through this book, and that alone has made me feel like I have some sort of control of what's happening to me. 2 weeks ago I felt 0/10. This week I am feeling probably 4/10. Imagine how I will feel in 2 more weeks, or 2 more months?! PLEASE do not give up. PLEASE read this book. Let's get through this together. Let's look forward together to the moment when we truly start to gain control over our illness. Love and positivity to all of you, we CAN do this and we WILL! :)

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Well done you! We will get through this!

Well done!!! :)

Thank you and well done . What a positive way of seeing things and why not change things? We always have some little bit of control . You've given me a shot in the arm or a kick in the pants, take your choice. Pam

the power of realizing my brain is my own biggest enemy has been truly liberating

I am pleased you feel that much better, I generally wax and wain with my mood all down to my disabilities and various people that snap at my heals.

To be honest I am beginning to feel more up and down now because of my mood and that makes me feel that much more tentative in my outlook towards my Life. To be honest I am tired and that I feel is all down to my mortality expectations. like I will be happy to reach seventy and them move on through those Pearly Gates.


i am sorry to hear you have these mortality expectations... one thing this book has taught me though is that with those ups and downs, we can ruin the ups because we fearfully anticipate the downs. Maybe it would be helpful to know that you have downs, but face them head on without the negative anticipation. I am a nurse, and see a lot of people when it comes down to their last moments, and their words are always the same, to live your life as completely as you can and not waste a moment. I am hopeful that your disabilities can begin to push you to overcome challenges and find peace. Best to you.


I feel the way I do because we have had to cancel most of our holidays.

One I was taking most of the ferries in the Outer Hebrides and we also had trips out to St Kilda 100 miles in the Atlantic with further trips to Mingulay and its Sister Islands

My holiday was a Swan Song, to see all the Wildlife and birds. It took a great deal of work to research the ferry times and accommodation The day trips are also complex and sad to say canceling the holiday is a real problem.

I visited St Kilda two years ago and it was a wonderful day out. Now we are wondering what next


that's so disappointing...i can see how that could really throw everything off. Are you able to postpone? I understand looking forward to something and having it taken away can really shake things up.

Interesting to think about how we self sabotage . Worrying about what we don't have instead of enjoying what we do have. I often have a case of the ' if only' another waste of time. It can take a lifetime to learn how to live a good life.

or worrying so much about the worry itself that we're even more fixated on things that aren't happening...the mind truly is powerful

Oh yes, I do this.


The good life, that was what the Victorians always wished for, they had expectations at the other end of life as well.

We all should be able to feel down every now and then, how would we know we are happy when our mood begins to lift

Personally I feel I have the right to feel miserable sometimes, If I was always happy Pax would not feel the need to give me a sloppy lick


Good dog.


The holiday was over a five week period, and we were visiting most of the Islands of the West Coast of Scotland. We have other places to visit in England, to see. and complete

We are members of various organisations in the UK and we visit properties, gardens and castles etc. We have done this sort of thing since 1981 so we have visited most areas and properties of Historic Interest. We are Life Members on two of these Organisations

As we get older certain types of holidays we enjoy become less possible, Hence visiting most inhabited/uninhabited Islands. Several of which are on small powerboats because of the distance to them.

We, hopefully will be able to re- book later this year although these tours are best taken in the nesting season

We move on in life and in a way I have my memories of various holidays up there. Travel keeps my mood and expectations high

We have hobbies and diversions these are just some of ours. That is how we remain positive



We all have regrets regarding our past and WHAT IFFS that is part of life life, We cannot die now because I want to do this or that as people realize their life is over they try sometimes to negotiate to their God for more time to do things or say sorry to some.


WOW! This is encouraging. i am going to down load it on my kindle! Thank you and i stay well and stay positive!!


softwind, I'm so happy to hear that. The basis of my getting better can

be attributed to Dr. Claire Weekes' book as well. It took time to change

my way of thinking, to accept her theory and most of all practice what she

teaches. But it works and that's what counts. Thank you for sharing a much positive needed post. :) xx

Hi, your post was so helpful. I am looking into the book. How are you doing now? I have similar struggles as you. It would be great to hear more about your days.

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