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Can I get feedback for Bipolar ll, depression, and anxiety?


I think I have Bipolar ll. I don't get many manic episodes (maybe 2-3 times a month) but I have a deep depression. I also have panic attacks. I have been on so many medications for depression and anxiety. I don't think my psychiatrist thinks I have Bipolar ll, how can I describe my behavior to get him to understand my disease. Plus he knows my Mom had Bipolar l and she was super manic at times and other times she was in bed for days at a time. Please help me so I can feel better and stop just getting changed in my meds just to make my psych dr happy... Anyone suffering from Bipolar l and how do you handle it. (I can't see a counselor as there are now in my area (I live in a rural area) and have to skype to see a psych dr. Thanks for any feedback!!

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I totally under you. I have major depressive episodes. Crying. Curling up and feeling like all the heat in the world is come off my back. Intense episodes, I guess you could call them. Bipolar is genetic, so I'm surprised the MD wouldn't be more willing to diagnosis you. I mean, the first drug they usually use is Lithium. [Pharmacy Technician Here - I can't recommend anything] I can however tell you my experience. We have a local governemtn funded mental hospital for out/in-patients. They pay for the medications and everything. I wish I could just transplant one in every community. I would seriously say, use the app 'Up' It tracks your ups and downs and you even send your doctor a PDF of the results. It helped me learn my ups and downs for a little while, but it I'm still pretty sparactic. I also used Facebook Memories because back in the day, I would post when i was down, and because of the events button, you can show the ups and down that way too... lol. I know I'm silly. I doubt people share like I do on fb. lol. I do wish you the best friend. You are not alone. There are many of us that are curled in the dark, but we're in the dark together.

Krystib in reply to kindredone

Thank you for your kind words. My husband says my manic phases are when we are out in the community and I just start talking to people around me. I have always been shy but for some reason, I can't stop doing that. Also when I text my family and friends it usually takes 2-3 texts to go through because of my rambling. But my depression is also bad. I feel like the world is caving down on me, my heart races, I feel dread and despair and have to take my Xanax to help calm me down. My psych doc is lowering my Xanax and I am so afraid that the lower doses won't help me at all. He said I was taking too many meds and was trying to lower and change the meds I am taking. I hope he is right because it hasn't been easy these last couple of months.

c-mac in reply to Krystib

Yeah, he might be right about the Xanax. I'm not sure that's advisable for depressives, or bipolar patients.

Molly417 in reply to Krystib

Plz get away from the xanax. It is a depressive drug if u have depression it makes it worse

I have bipolar II. For me, back when I was untreated, I'd be depressed most of the time, but once in a rare while get high -- but I wouldn't lose touch with reality, I'd just be really energized about everything (and sometimes a little embarrassingly so.) But mostly it was depression. Interesting what you say about being shy -- I was very shy until my first manic episode in my early teens, and I haven't been shy since.

I have been diagnosed with depression and bipolar II. I walked into a psych's office needing different meds for depression. talked with him and he said I had bipolar II and depression. Not sure what i said , but the drugs helped tremendously. Not a cure all but much better than before. Dr's name is Krause 303-752-2082. Maybe he can help via phone or contact your dr. Good luck-this is not fun and there is no cure, but the right drugs help.

I have bipolar 2, clinical depression and general anxiety. I have had these issues since my late teens, diagnosed in my mid thirties, and still struggle at 57. Medication and therapy has helped me but this just never goes away.

Look up the symptoms of Bipolar II and bring that to your doctor, go through the symptoms and tell her your experience with them

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