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Zoloft for Anxiety and Depression?

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Has anyone tried Zoloft for depression and anxiety? I feel as though it has made my symptoms worse and I feel like I am in a fog all day long. Anybody else experience this?

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My medicine made my anxiety worse at first too. I decided to just not take any meds anymore.

How long have you been on the Zoloft? I was on it for 10 years and did very well.

I hope it is just side affects that are usually gone in 6/8 weeks. I wish you well. Talk to your Dr. you may need to go onto something else.

Yup i’m on zoloft and how long have you been on it for? i found when i first started taking it, it was no help but then it started helping me somewhat...

Zoloft made me feel tired and foggy wasnt a good fit for me. I did better on wellbutrin and prozac.

I’m on Zoloft for almost a year now and still waiting for it to kick in. I don’t think it’s working for me. Before Zoloft, it was Lexapro for a few years. It did not do anything for me either. Neither 20 years of Paxil before that. Maybe I have been misdiagnosed? I hear people say that Prozac has changed their lives for the better and I can hardly wait to return home to check with a new doctor, a psychiatrist this time. It’s sad that it’s taking a life time for me to get the right match of medications. You are lucky to find the right doctor with the right diagnosis and the right prescription for you. It’s a struggle ...

Zoloft was a rough start for me. Definitely made my symptoms worse before it got better. After a while things mellowed out emotionally but I had way too many side effects for it to be worth it. I was taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin prior to Zoloft. They were ok. Just got a prescription for Prozac and I’m hoping this will be the one!

I was on Zoloft for awhile and it did nothing at all for me. For that matter, neither did Prozac, Effexor and a host of other horrible meds. I recommend staying away from Effexor in particular, because the side effects of quitting it (by tapering off) last indefinitely, at least for some people.

Zoloft helped me a number of years back. I'm now taking St. John's wort.

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RugbyCoco in reply to Cathy63

How is St. John's wort working for you?

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It works very well for me. I take one every morning. Usually that's enough. If my depression gets bad, I take another in the evening. In the past, there have been times when I thought I didn't need it anymore and tried to go off. The depression always came back. I will probably be on them for life (not being pessimistic, being realistic). I take them as one of my regular morning supplements, which includes probiotics. I expect to be on probiotics for life too. St. John's Wort shouldn't be taken with some kinds of prescriptions (I don't know which ones). Talk to your health care provider first to make sure they're safe for you to take if you're taking anything else. If you're looking for a good brand, I recommend Gaia if you can get that where you live. I discovered Gaia in my local health food store.

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