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Zoloft and added depression

Hi...a friend of mine has been on Zoloft for close to 6 months. She has said that though her anxiety has improved, her depression seems to have gotten worse. Anyone ever have that experience on Zoloft? I was on it a year or so ago and it did nothing for me so I stopped. Thanks..

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Zoloft aka setraline is an SSRI meaning it is serotogenic , serotonin is fine if you need it but patients serotonin levels are never tested before they hand out a script for SSRI drugs

If your serotonin levels are high then SSRI drugs will not ease depression they will make it worse

Dopamine is what is needed and the best way to get that is through dopamine rich foods such as apples and orange juice and to take tyrosine which is an amino acid not recommended for people with bipolar though

stimulating dopamine levels can also bring on anxiety as well..


too much dopamine or inability to regulate dopamine is the cause of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

I have been on Zoloft for about a year. Started on 50 mg, saw no results went to 100mg. Not much improvement in depression, seemed to increase anxiety. Doc added 30mg Buspar, but I see very little effect. I asked Doc if I should increase Buspar, and he said there is no amount of meds that can fix me. I am trying to find a psychiatrist but a very long wait for appt. i can relate to your friends situation, I don’t have any suggestions.

You could try having more orange juice and apples also beans are a good source of dopamine

Dopamine gives you a lift

Sunshine raises dopamine levels and you shouldn't wear sunglasses you should allow the sun to go into your eyes ( don't look at the sun directly though)

Thanks. I am also going to see if Buspar can actually cause anxiety increase instead of what it is supposed to do. I wish I had chronicled how I feel each day since I started it.

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I took a gene test this year for pharmacology and it was interesting because it lists the drugs that you would respond best to and ones that you wouldn't respond or respond well to. It takes the guess work out of finding the right meds. Its expensive. $300 but worth it. You can ask your primary dr for the test. I learned that my genotype makes me not respond to SSRI'S completely so I need a second medication to help. I take Remeron.

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There is a pharmacist that has mentioned this to me. I will check with her to see where I can have this test done

No, but not everything works for everybody. She needs to change her meds till she finds the right one. That's what I did including changing doctor's

I was on Zoloft it worked very well for both depression and anxiety, but Buspirone was rubbish

Forgot now on Lexepro less weight problems and no side effects

I was on zoloft and all it did for me was to make me feel drunk that's it! Ask him about AROPAX

YES! very similar thing with sertraline/zoloft, anxiety is better, but depression not worse, but go through bouts of feeling really low, especially mornings..once I actually 'get going', so to speak, not to bad? its really hard to gauge the benefit of certain medications sometimes? having the right Dr is the best medicine, far n few..

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That’s exactly what she said happens to her. Can’t get out of bed, etc. Her anxiety is much better but depression and lack of motivation are now the problems ....

Read "a mind of your own "by Kelly Brogan MD. She s a psychiatrist who only saw improvements in her patients after turning into alternative medicines. She gives you specific instructions and lots of information on how to reverse anxiety and depression. She recommends natural supplements like magnesium, selenium, zink, B complex 5htp and more.

It is a book worth reading for everyone who suffers from anxiety and depression...

Is this your first time on an antidepressant or have you been on an antidepressant for a long time.? Zoloft like any antidepressant after taking it for a while can stop its ability to help depression.I take Zoloft and found out my depression got better after I came off of it for about 10 days and got back on it

Honestly I am not sure if it’s her first time or not...she did say that her shrink told her that sometimes you have to try multiple meds before the right one kicks in which we all know to be true. She also said that he said that sometimes you need to combine anti depressants with anti psychotics to get the desired relief. Mine told me that also but it was only after my trying multiple meds for multiple months.

Any opinions on that?

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