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Anxiety and depression


I am dealing with severe anxiety and depression with insomnia and loss of appetite. Have restless and palpitations.

Tried antidepressants but only makes it so much worse. My symptoms get better at night. My both hands are hot and tingly while I am very anxious. I feel like I am about to crawl out of my skin. I can barely tolerate melatonin because it makes my symptoms worse when I wake up. As if my body doesn’t want me to get rest and it’s in a constant fight or flight mode. So desperate and wondering if anyone has similar symptoms as me!

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I've been dealing with similar. I have extreme anxiety with insomnia. My appetite has probably gone down, but is not too bad.

We are here to listen and help. Take Care.

Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Are you taking any meds? How are you dealing with your symptoms?

I am taking Citalopram for my anxiety. It had been working well until this health crisis came along. Now it is nothing for me not to sleep at all. It is frustrating and scary.

I try to do deep breathing, and am keeping in touch with friends.

This is a very difficult time. But if you want to talk more, feel free to leave another post.

Take Care.

It’s a extremely difficult time! Certainly doesn’t help our anxiety and depression! Unable to sleep is so agonizing! I started micro dose of Trintellix yesterday. I found nidra meditation helps me to fall asleep at night. Hope you get to have better sleep tonight!

Thanks. I hope you do too.

Yes I feel the same way. Loss of appetite during the day but it comes back at night. I guess because my anxiety/depression is a little better at night. Hope you feel better soon.

Sophia2008 in reply to bonkers65

Thank you for your reply! How are you dealing with your symptoms?

bonkers65 in reply to Sophia2008

Deep breathing, walking, reading and anything that can distract me from dwelling on them.

I've dealt with similar symptoms. I'm actually still working through my insomnia.

Sophia2008 in reply to mela654

Are you taking any meds for it?

mela654 in reply to Sophia2008


Sophia2008 in reply to mela654

Sleeping meds helped sleep but it made my anxiety and symptoms worse when I woke up. Is med helping you?

mela654 in reply to Sophia2008

Yes but I haven't been on them that long so I haven't experienced the full effect. The quarantine and social distancing has actually helped my sleep and I get more hours. I just need to re-establish a proper bedtime. Just to clarify I take anxiety meds and not sleeping ones. I used to take melatonin a while ago but it doesn't really help.

I had a little of what you describe, i didnt believe it would work, but did give looking at a single point or object, whilst doing very slow controlled breathing

Breath slowly, count when breathing on, then take longer breathing out. Play relaxing music, do some free apps. Try, though i know how very hard it is, and how much your head will say it won't work, nothing will, if you try a few times, i really hope something does. Lots love xc

Sophia2008 in reply to Witsend8

Thank you so much! Will try!

Witsend8 in reply to Sophia2008

Let me know how u get on, or if one day, you prefer to chat sometime, let me know xx ill happily call when and if you want to. You are on control, noone else xxxx

Hi Sophia,

Yes I had very similar symptoms whilst going through the worst of anxiety and depression. And like you it was made a whole lot worse when I started taking Sertraline . However, I stuck it out and now on week 9 of taking them and all these symptoms have lessened or almost gone. My appetite is back, I’m sleeping and anxiety has really lessened.

I have also been going to therapy weekly and that’s been brilliant. I would advise to find what works for you. My body really was affected by the medication but once it settled it’s all started to work, so give yourself time and try different ones too?

The feeling of wanting to crawl out your skin is horrid. I understand, but you will get there, just got to find what works for you and keep going 👍 xx

Sophia2008 in reply to Agnes14

Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement!!

I know you said antidepressant meds don't help, they don't help me either, actually they make my anxiety much worse. I do however find mirtazapine helps me, also know as remeron. After my major breakdown where I didn't sleep for weeks and I mean literally weeks, no sleep or even sitting still. This helped me with sleep, I take it at night, and anxiety. Claims to help with depression although I don't get the benefit of that part so much. But what I did get was relief. If you haven't tried this ask your Dr.

Hey. Yeah I felt the same as you do now when I was in the worst of it. It does get better as time moves on. You don’t have to do a thing. Let the depression and anxiety take their course. They can’t do much more than they’ve already done, which is to say isn’t much. Peace already resides within you. And acceptance will bring it out. Let us know how you get on. We’ve all been though this one way or another :)

Agora1 in reply to Kainan_li

We sure have, haven't we Kainan. :) xx

Kainan_li in reply to Agora1

One too many times too many times...

Agora1 in reply to Kainan_li

:) xx

Thanks for the encouragement! My psychiatrist in outpatient treatment prescribed Presig and I am willing to try out of desperation.

Xoxo33 in reply to Sophia2008

They proscribed you prostiq ? I take pristiq

Is it helping you?

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