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Night time panic attacks

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Does anyone else have panic attacks when they're alone? I lost my husband last year to pancreatic cancer, and during the day I'm ok..but nights are hard. I'm fortunate to have great family and friends, but hate to steal the time they need for sleep. Seems like the attacks are always late evenings, when people who work days are heading for bed. I need to find some other owls like me πŸ˜‹

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I find my brain spins with negative insecurities at night usually when partner is not home or first thing in the morning. I’m hoping having a place where I can talk about these things or at least read to know I’m not alone helps quell the monster inside my head sometimes.

Hope you are able to get some rest at some point. I’m generally pretty owley if u need to talk, vent whatever...

Have a wonderful night....

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Thank you! And you're so right, knowing I'm not alone is a relief. I'd never wish anything like this on someone, but talking to someone who knows what it's like makes a difference. And the same back to mind, ears, and shoulders when you need it.

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Thanks... I’m having a good day and night for an awesome change. I agree feeling like you are going crazy alone is unbearable for sure. I get the not wanting to bother friends and family at night... thank goodness for internet and YouTube imo. 😊

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Lol and books and tv!

Hi, my situation in regard to nighttime issues may be different, but yes I do have the same unease in the evening. Some nights are much worse than others of course. Thanks for opening up. I will keep an eye out for you when I am restless; if that’s okay?

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