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Night time panic attacks and xanax withdrawal

Does anyone else suffer from these.My sleep has been so horrible for a long time I can go to bed feeling ok like lat night I went to. bed at 10 it's now 1 am.And I woke up in panic and feeling just terrible.This seems to happen every night when I go through each cycle so I usually wake up taking .50 mg of xanax then it will take me up to an hour to settle down and fall asleep.Then when I do finally fall asleep I go through another sleep cycle then I'm up at 4 or 5 am and usually take the other. 50 of xanax and then toss and turn and most of the time dont get back to sleep.Im on a taper schedule now going from 4 mgs.of xanax to 3.5 I'm just wondering if It could just be withdrawal and my mind craving xanax.Tonight will probably be worse because I usually stay away from electronic devices during this cycle because it usually makes falling back asleep more difficult but tonight I wanted to talk about it on this mb while it was happening.thank you

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Can u ask your doctor to give u something for sleep?


Look up on taurine it’s a amoino acid. I been taking it at night only find it twice so far. I been taking for sleep maintenance I wake constantly in the night. It seems to be doing the trick. Not sure if u can take it with xan. You will have to research. It basically works on your gaba Receptors do relaxes you.


I just did a little research on it and I'm not sure that's the answer seeing my doctor has .e on gabapentin my gaba receptors are fried from my years of alcoholism and 35 years on xanax I hope someday my brain will heal and I am answering this at 5 am on schedule fell back asleep 1 more sleep cycle of 2 hours and woke during dream phase to feel very uncomfortable

I read a quote by robert Downey jr.while he was going through addiction and withdrawal."be prepared to hug the cactus"and that's what it feels like now I feel like total crap worse than any hangover stomach flu just anxious wound up wanna crawl out a my skin type crap damn I dont know how much longer I can take this.


Sorry to be nosey but I looked at some posts of yours from a week ago about your sleep problems and when I first started having sleep problems in 2015 the doctor gave me 5 mg.of mirtazapine and I thought it was a miracle I slept for 16 hours straight through but it was a short lived honeymoon and soon hit the wall with it the lower the dose the better for sleep.just saying not that I should be giving advice seeing the mess I've become.i actually was so desperate I had some left over and retired it after a year but still didn't work.downsides are vivid dreams and weight gain.


Really. So u reckon don’t go down that road.


Well for a short fix,but everyone is different it may not work for you and if it does maybe you will have a longer tolerance and will last you longer I was told only 5 mgs.but that's my experience talk to your doctor I actually found the dreams kind cool but wanted to eat everything that didn't move.My old doctor prescribed it to people that were bulimic and for sleep


Yes maybe I due back Friday. I don’t want to get worse x


I have found that I just need to do certain things. This may be the time for you. When I started on my journey, to a better life, I knew that I could only move forward if I was clean and sober. I checked myself into a facility to facilitate this goal. I am so happy that I did. Detox and clean living are not simple things, you need to take care of yourself at any cost.

I would suggest that, at minimum, you contact a treatment center and discuss your issues. Sobriety is something that you must do right, there may not be another chance. Treatment centers will do dual diagnosis, this is important to ask for. I got a lot of help for my anxiety while in care. I suggest going at this 100% and do inpatient treatment, I did not see much success in the people that did IOP.

I hope that you will think seriously about this, it gave me my life back.


I did a two week stint at an outpatient facility in Illinois staying sober the whole time Learning about mindfulness yoga meditation plus seeing a therapist weekly for three years.I read through the Ashton manual that inpatient detox is horrible they try to rid you of benzos in a very short time like a month.I dont need alcohol detox I'm done with it.Alcohol withdrawal is a short period of time I've been through it many times plus I went to aa meetings for 2 months after I quit the last time and they started to get very redundant because I told myself that poison will never enter my body again.I just need to get my head straight,withdrawing from xanax is the biggest challenge of my life I have moments of peace like yesterday afternoon when everything is clear and my fears suside.Only to return every night with a vengeance I just cant figure out how I can go to bed feeling so good yet wake up after my first sleep cycle feeling so rotten.Do you think if I was way out of my comfort zone in some out of state facility I would wake up feeling better,with no visitors it would feel like prison and I would wind up in a straight jacket.thanks for your thoughts


90% of the people that I was in treatment with were there for drugs, none went crazy.

Prison is prison, there isn't anything like it. The treatment center where I went was more like a resort, but your perception will become your reality. My suggestion was to talk with someone about this as a possibility. Please don't take this wrong, your response sounds just like every other person suffering an addiction that did not want to go to treatment. If this were any other illness, you probably would be more willing to get treatment. This is the problem with mental health issues and addiction, they fight for their survival tooth and nail.

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I guess I'm old school and just picture jack nickelson In one flew over the coo coos nest it scares the shit out of me I've read so many horror stories.To have my shoe laces and cell phone and freedom taken away plus everything that is decent is out of state and I'd be alone with no one to visit me it would be as if I died.


How long were you in inpatient and were you benzo free after you got out what kind if any meds did you get for withdrawal symptoms.In talking with another member he told me he was on benzos for 30 years and he spent 2 years tapering using dr.ashtons taper schedule.Im afraid if say I spent a month in inpatient treatment I would be in the same place as am am now.Ive also been through 3 years of cbt talk therapy.Stay with me on this one okay thanks


I understand.

I'm sure that there are different quality of places, the place that I went was a really good experience. There are rules, but they let you keep your shoe laces. Just remember that it doesn't hurt to talk with someone.


I'm sorry I seem to be wearing you out like I did my family members I really appreciate your advice and kindness,when I get in a bad state I tend to obsess over my mental illness.I just wish I was told that is what I had 35 years ago before frying my brain with xanax.


Hi again Hkakbkjk, I didn't realize that you were on Xanax for almost the same length of time tht I was. My dose was 1/2 of 0.25mg. eventually upping to the

whole tablet of 0.25 once a day. My doctor kept telling me it was a very small amount and yet

my body got dependent on that small dose. It was daily. Now I see on the forum that those who do take a benzo, it's prescribed "as needed". I feel at that time, my

doctor meant well by just repeatedly refilling the prescription.

Before I decided I wanted off the benzos, I choose to admit myself to in patient thru

my doctor's approval. I spent 6 weeks. It was a shock at first, giving up all personal

items but I realized it was for my safety and the safety of others. We were all equal in what we could have. I choose to not have visitors. I needed that time to work on

myself. I wanted nothing more than to get well and be who I once was. A couple times during that 6 weeks, I got an unexpected visitor which each and every time brought me down.

I liked having that structure environment. It made me feel safe. I loved the food.

Always have liked hospital food :) All in all, it was a good experience for me. I

came out feeling I had really learned something.


So let me see if I have your story right you spent 30 years on 0.25 mgs of xanax a day and it took you 2 years to get off.Ive been on 3 mgs.a day for 30 years and 4 NHS for 5 years at that rate I'll be 140 before I can wean off it.my first 2 week cut back schedule of 0.25 is double what you consumed daily?


I think I could quit that amount in a week or maybe or I misread your post


Not after 30 years


Well, I wouldn't say you will need to be weaning off it as long as I did.

While I was in the hospital, my doctor tried other benzos to switch me to.

Ativan being one of them. This was the time for him to see what it would

take to stabilize my severe, anxiety. I was slowly put on larger and larger

doses of Ativan until they reached the maximum dose. It didn't work and so

I was brought down slowly before being released home. Between the trial and

error of Ativan and other benzos they tried, I did have a lot in me to get rid of.

Don't forget that I was transferred from Xanax/Ativan to Valium very slowly.

It took a lot of time to do that. Slow but sure, I got there. Included in that 2 years

time was the time allowed after being off benzos completely, to allow my brain to

heal. By that I mean, to begin to manufacture the chemicals naturally. That took

time. But no matter how long or short a time it takes, the fact is that I was going

forward. I was never allowed to backtrack on the dose I had just gotten off of.

With each cut, that was allowed for only 2 weeks. If symptoms broke through, and

they did, the next cut was done for another 2 weeks. The minute you start going

up on your med, it's like starting over again.

Therapy is real important along with support all around you during this time. It's not easy by any means. You can only think about "one day at a time".


But how did you even cut a half of a half of a half it would be dust am i still not understanding your taper from only 0.25?in 2 years


My father who was 90 was on0.25 3 times a day as needed God rest his soul


The small amount of benzo you were on is a starting dose,the dose my drug pusher doctor wacked me up to was FOUR milligrams a day.I feel I'm screwed now I'm 61 years old I've probably killed every gaba receptor in my brain.This is very disheartening.I need to find someone who can relate to my high dosage.I thank you for your input and support but 0.25 a day compared to 4 a day is like a heroin addict vs.someone who liked to pop one beer a night.My brother who had the same issues as me but at even higher doses wound up taking his life at 70 because of this crap.Id like to live just hope it's not too late


The only one who can help you with this is your doctor or a professional addictions

expert. It's not hopeless, it just needs to be done safely and under a watchful eye.

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I also wish that I was told about the Klonopin that I've been taking for 30 years now. I feel like it's a ball and chain that I'm permanently carrying around with me. Thirty years ago, I was told it was safe and it would help me. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be taking it for 30 years. The VA put me on it and now they don't want to do anything for me. I'm seeking help privately. At least, I'm getting some re-assurance that someone out there cares. These online support groups seem to help too. I'm sure you'll find lots of support here. We're all in the same boat.


I Have Been There ! Waking up in a full blown adrenaline dump is awful ! Have you asked your doctor about Trazadone ? Helped me for a wile. I too am on Xanax 3 mg's a day. I break mine into halves hoping to use less throughout the day. Mostly ? I end up taking the 3. I used to be on 10mg. of Valium 3 x a day as needed. I've thought about asking the Doc to put me back on the Valium. Reason being that although both are great "Clutch Drugs", the Xanax works faster but the Valium's duration time is longer. The potency in relief is equal too. But if I'm having a full blown attack ? I don't swallow them, I chew them bitter boogers ! I want relief as soon as I can get it. At bedtime now ?* I take a BP Med, 1/2 [ 0.5 mg] Of Xanax & 2 or 3 [ now get this ] Benadryl. So Far ? It Helps :

*diphenhydramine oral + Xanax oral


*Potential for interaction

diphenhydramine oral and Xanax oral both increase sedation and drowsiness*

Hang In There, Talk To Ya Doc, & You'll Be Fine.

" Oh ! Try NOT To "Dread" Going To Sleep. Dread Is A Form Of Fear & Fear Is A Trigger.

Just Say, " I'm Going To Bed & It Is What Is. I'll Take What Sleep I Can Get Right Now & Thats That....

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Wow someone I can really relate to are you trying to quit xanax or just staying on it.at 4 mgs I've reached my docs max dose.My dear brother was on 6 a day he was 70 when he took his life last year from this crap.Im not going that route so I'm on a mission to rid myself of it by a slow taper but the uncomfort is almost unbearable.Im 10 years younger so I'm hoping I can be saved yet.? How much benadryl helps you sleep I've never thought of that but seeing I have such an addictive personality I dont want to open a new can of worms.I am also on BP meds as of 2 months ago metoprolol 50 mgs twice a day which at first made me groggy but now no effect.Im interested in the benadryl tho I've taken it for allergies but never sleep.If the average person took all the shit my doctor has given me for anxiety each day they would be in a coma I can barely get 2-3 hours of sleep at a time.

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Her's A Little Info :

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy, hay fever, and the common cold. These symptoms include rash, itching, watery eyes, itchy eyes/nose/throat, cough, runny nose, and sneezing. It is also used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness caused by motion sickness. "Diphenhydramine can also be used to help you relax and fall asleep.


This medication works by blocking a certain natural substance (histamine) that your body makes during an allergic reaction. Its drying effects on such symptoms as watery eyes and runny nose are caused by blocking another natural substance made by your body (acetylcholine).

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more details about using your product safely.

P.S. > Hey. As Far As The Xanax ? Like I Said, I Break Mine Into Halves And " Use Them As Needed"... That's A BENZO... What I Call A "Clutch Med" For Attacks. If I Can Get By That Day On 2 or/ 2 1/2 ? Great. If Not ? That's Cool Too. I Just Needed A Little More "That" Day.

I Call, "Paxil, Zoloft, Ect... Ect.... "BASE ANXIETY MEDS". These Medications Help In The Balance Of Serotonin In The Brain & Can Take Several Weeks To Kick In. Though They May Make "Anxiety Attacks" Less Often It Doesn't Mean They ALL Just Stop. That's Where The BENZOS Come In Handy : Xanax, Valium. Ect...Ect.... These Are "CLUTCH MEDS" For An Anxiety Attack Itself.

Take A ASTHMA Patient. Many Take A "Pill Everyday" & Carry An "Emergency Inhaler". Their's Is Just Coming From The Lungs. Ours From The Brain. NO DIFFERENT....

We Learn To Live With It....


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I'll try it I've tried everything else

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Not really panic at night just a deep feeling of feeling very sick unwell agitated I can only sleep if at all in 1.5 sometimes 2 hr. Stints like every sleep cycle I've given up the taper and the gabapentin until my mood stabilizes a bit and I get a different plan different doctor or both so frustrated


I Yes have thé Same

Change too relaise Xanax but No not ok

So Sleep med

Or klonopin

Mix with Xanax


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