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CBD Oil and Lexapro. Any interactions?


Hi there, Im taking a low dose 7.5mg of lexapro and wary of going any higher but I think I need to. The doc gave me diazepam if I needed it which I have used but need to stop using it and wondered if it was safe to use Cbd Oil instead?

If you take lexapro at 10.30pm at night would it be safe to take CBD Oil if safe during the day to calm down a little uneasiness physically.

NB: I'm not sure if my posts or questions are visible, can someone let me know please?

many thanks in advance

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Tell your doctor you want to do this. You’ll need liver labs done in about 3-6 months depending on you.

Because of the brain receptors these drugs hit there is a very small chance (as always) of serotonin syndrome if you use quite a bit. You should know your proper dose.

This isn’t an unusual combination. Tell your doctor in case he/she wants to alter the amount of Lexapro; as in a reduction. CBD can increase its efficacy. This can be good but then again let’s think about your liver and it’s job. We don’t want to slow down it’s function.

Best of luck to you!

Doaty 💛

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Hi Doaty, thank-you so much for replying.

Yes, I need to remember about the serotonin syndrome and other body functions. Thats why Im partly wary of it. I was taking supplements before I went onto the medication as it doesn't quieten my thoughts down enough.

Though if I'd thought about the CBD soon enough in high enough doses I would have tried it, but its very expensive. A friend told me about a really good brand but Id already started meds.


Interesting. CBD is 'said' to have no psychoactive effects. But I do remember my doc telling me before the stuff started hitting the shelves that it was anti-psychotic. He was in fact referring to recent papers (at the time) so it wasn't concrete proof. He was using the phrase "they say that..."

Another thing these companies often state is that it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier.

I'm certainly not going to question your knowledge you understand 😉

Of course it crosses the BBB. It’s used in research similar to mine to take other things into the brain and spinal column, we hope, safely.

I believe the company you use is important. Cross contamination is difficult to rule out. If you can’t rule that out one has to know it still physiologically falls into the psychoactive drug category.

I’m sure when people pick the correct company with clean products the effects are diminished to nil. Due to other reasons the receptors still think they’re going to receive something which is interesting only to nerd researchers.

With time we’ll clear it up as well as interactions. I say be careful with your brain and liver.

Ok ok lol. But it isn't me saying that its what I read in supplier's claims all the time 😉

Before I even saw that you'd replied I'd already started looking for answers. I came across a Swiss CBD company called Cibdol at cibdol.com

Visit here to see what they say:


It's a nice and basic summary of the somewhat complex articles I read on PubMed.

And yes, it can enhance serotonin transmission. So you DO learn something every day! Which is not to question what Doaty already knows! 😆

I love learning and discussing. All are welcome at this table. 👍

I have blood cancer and I take large doses of CBD and small doses of diazepam. After a major depressive disorder I was on lexapro for about 7 years. I finally got off it by tapering with diazepam. I really feel that the entire time I was on lexapro I was not actually living in my body, after I got off it I realized how oppressive it can be. It makes you unable to feel anything, good or bad.

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Hi PacificCLL, thank-you for your reply. I've only ever taken it at most for a year, last year was up to 15mg for 7mths. Really I should I have stayed on it a bit longer, I might not have went through what I am now.

Anyway, I just want things to improve as I've started a new job and have to travel quite a distance each day and need to sort this out quickly.

I'll maybe speak to my doctor again and see what they say.

many thanks

Hi PacificCLL, I read your reply and I am having the same problem with Lexapro. I have been feeling like a passive observer in my life. My doctor said that this would go away with time, but I am skeptical. I don't want to live with OCD and anxiety, but I want to feel. Did you feel like a zombie all of the time, and is that they main reason you stopped Lexapro?

At first I really needed the lexapro, I could not function after my husband died suddenly at age 55, then my grandmother and mother all in the same year. I took lexapro for seven years I tried several times to taper and it did not work, so I worked with my GP to use valium to get off of it. Honestly, I really felt like I was not present during those seven years after I finally got off. It makes you not feel anything, good or bad. I think it should be used only in extreme cases of depressive disorder

I understand CBD oil has had many of the Weed chemicals have been removed and the drops will suppress the problem you have, like Pain.

However you still need to discuss this first with your Doctor, discuss if He recommends you taking these drops. Only your Surgery can give you info, with informed choices.

I suffer Chronic Pain and I understand any side affects are minimal.

Over a year ago I was at a meeting discussing these medications, at this time the drug was been scripted in various American States.

I feel personally not qualified to advise. We are all different.


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Hi borderriever, thankyou for your reply. Yes Im going to speak to the doc. I did purchase a low dose 500mg CBD oil and it did help a bit but I had to take a full dropper full and it did quieten my mind but not strong enough to calm me down completely and way too expensive. I believe it would only have lasted 10 days at £40 a bottle.

many thanks

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The effective dose of CBD is 1 gram.

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Yes it is quite expensive, I was going to try it against my Chronic Pain conditions. The price put me off. There are various places you can get the stuff like various web pages and Postal magazines that sell house aids and disability aids in the UK, however now I am reducing all my medications so I need to keep myself clean.

I have not approached my GP regards having it on script. At this time I feel it is the wrong time to ask.

Have you asked your Doctor regards getting it on script ?


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Hi no i havent been to the docs yet. Goin to make an appointment this week.

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Let me know how you get on


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Hi there I was in the docs today but forgot to ask. Im going to try probiotics alongside lexapro and see if that helps.

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You need to discuss your problems with your GP

If you take medications that are prescribed also other drugs not known by your GP you may suffer severe side affects.

Cbt Oils, you need to shop around and consider different manufacturers, the oils all have different strengths and prices, if you need to follow this pathway make sure the stuff is of a greater quality than the cheaper ones



Must check it out thankyou.

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