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Lexapro and/ or Abilify?


Okay so did just switch from Prozac to lexapro. The Prozac stared to cause mood drops, hard and fast, and scary. Never f lt like that before. Can I expect any of these emotional roller coasters on lexapro? Anyone taking Abilify with the lexapro? Doc suggested it to stabilize my mood. Sometimes I wonder if I just have just put up with the weight gain and slightly higher blood pressure on cymbalta...

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Oh and anyone using hydroxycine for the anxiety.?

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My psychiatrist prescribed hydroxyzine to help me sleep. It's supposed to help for anxiety as well.

Sure hope the Lexapro works for you. I have been on Lexapro and Abilify but not at the same time. I was nervous being on Abilify because it is an antipsychotic and I feared what its long-term effect might be on me. But I sort of regret going off it so soon now because I think it might have been helping me. Wishing you the best.

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Thank you. Your support helps me...

Hi there, I take Lexapro. I haven't had a problem with weight gain and it works well for me.

I have taken Lexapro 30mg/day for a long time with no problem. It's worked very well. Best of luck to you!

Im doing the opposite lol. Switching from lexapro to prozac. I took Lexapro in the past with moderate success but I felt I needed a change. It was too sedating and I gained too much weight. I was told that Prozac is more of an energizing ssri so Im giving that a try. I just built up to 30mg in the last week and plan to stick it out for a while. Everyone is different. What works for some may not work for others. I wish you the best and hope your change is for the better!

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Wish the best too! Thx :-)

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