Has anyone had success with CBD oil?

My apologies to the admins if this post is out of line and I understand your deleting it, if it is. Anyway...this is my question... Has anyone of you (or someone you are well acquainted with) had any success in handling your depression or anxiety by taking the CBD oil drops? I have tried 5 different SSRI's and NONE of them were of any real help at all, some made me feel worse...

If you have tried it..(or your friend/relative) did you use the kind with THC in it or not..?? I have only had 2nd or 3rd hand information and would rather here from someone with more experience (don't mean to offend, but please. no religious lectures... :) ) Thank you.

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  • I don't know what that is but for me after a life full of depression and no meds worked in fact some made me hallucinate, some made me suicidal and I asked what if one of these kill me trying to find the right one. 2yrs ago I let my new doctor into trying one more time and that it was new. I'm glad I did because it worked!! I went from a sad person who cried every day to rarely crying at all. Unfortunately my anxiety disorder could never get better that's when we're supposed to stop fighting against it and how to live with it so far I'm failing miserably but I just started a month ago!!!

  • May I ask what medication worked well for you? I have been on lots of ssri's. My newest one is Luvox.

  • Wellbutrin (100mg) 2x a day

  • Dear Whowill...... I am so sorry you are going through this... Medication alone is RARELY 'the answer'.... it can 'help' but not 'cure.' Would you please ask your dr for advice in getting some mental health therapy.... please....I strongly believe this is what you need more than meds. If you've tried it and say 'it doesn't work'...you simply need to find a 'fit' for you that DOES work... Best wishes to you.

  • I have seen it help many people. I do not notice any effect from it on me. It is non psychoactive if it is pure cbd. The problem with cbd is the lack of legitimate studies behind it. There is also little regulations and many of the companies who sell it are doing so illegally. My dog takes a small dose once a month. It dosnt effect anything about her except for her seizures. She has never had one since I started giving her cbd about a year or so ago. I have a friend who uses cbd isolate for her anxiety and she swears that it helps. As for depression I'm not aware of it could help with this or not.

    As for thc... there are studies showing that it can help depression and anxiety. But I do not recommend it at all as a full on depression or anxiety medication. It does help temporarily for me. But it can also induce anxiety attacks and make depression worse.

    My doctor says that it can actually work against the medicine they prescribed and she provided me with legitimate studies that do show that it could work against them.

    I hope no one gets offended or takes your post down. I felt it was a good and legitimate question to be asked here.

    I do suggest you try cbd if you have not already. I suggest you start with a cbd supplement. For me it was unnoticeable, but some people swear by this stuff. Cbd isolate is the type you would vaporize and inhale. This version of cbd is becoming more popular with people who use to use , or still use cannabis. If you would like to try the isolate ever I do have discount codes and vendors that I recommend. So message me for that if you are interested.

    There will be more studies on this in the future. I'm very excited to see what comes from them.

  • The supplement you would just take like a pill / vitamin by the way. Forgot to mention that.

  • Thanks...I live in Denver, so availability of SO many shops is available. :) I don't think I would trust online ordering...but I would hope they would be honest... I just hope there will never be a 'government take over' pretending its for 'people's protection'...because THAT line is a bunch of hooey (my opinion.. :) ) We know 'the war on' never works... Everyone to their own experience... its not up to anyone else to 'protect us from ourselves'... Some may disagree, and that's their right. Anyway, I do know I have really appreciated your (and ALL of you on this site!) replies! I wish you all the BEST of everything! <3

  • I didn't use the oil but I tried lozenges. They were a hybrid of indica and sativa. I took a 10mg lozenge around 8 pm and started buzzing and couldn't go to sleep until 4 am. I didn't like them but some people really do.

    Good luck in your recovery

  • Wrong type of the plant for you, there are many derivatives.

  • Hi I have never tried this but have heard others say it helps them. There apparently is a good fb page you can join so have a look. Good luck. x

  • No they do not work for me. In fact I was ripped off by one of these vendors .they charged me $79.00 for a free trial. There was no fine print explaining that they would charge anything for this sample. If you do this, get a reloadable debit card and put only the amount on the card for the shipping and handling. That way they can't charge for any more than what they initially charge for shipping and handling. Good luck.

  • Yes. I do not digest mex's well. Cbd has no psychotropic effects. It helps. Why does the government have all the cannabis patents if they did not believe it works?

  • Excellent question...!! Because Big Pharma is out for one thing: to make money...they KNOW it works...

  • I use CBD oil daily (when I remember 🤣) to help with my severe anxiety because I have treatment resistant depression.

    It can make you sleepy or not notice any changes in symptoms. I have had good results with three drops (50 mg bottle) underneath my tongue in the morning. I vape it as well but vaping doesn't give the best benefits for some.

    I hope that my experience helps you make an informed decision.

    Be blessed

  • My doctor actually told me to stop smoking THC because it was causing my anxiety and panic disorder, it makes things way to worst for me. They told me if I stop my anxiety and depression will go away. I haven't yet.. I've been smoking THC for 6 years. It's hard to stop.

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