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I am so ******* lonely, I talk to myself for HOURS because I have no friends or family who are willing to hear me fully. I stay in my room for the entire day every single day since I was around 11 years old. Tips on how to stop this cycle?

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DollJuice, Welcome to this support forum. We will certainly listen to you without

judgment and with an open mind. Having no one who really understands or listens

to you can make you feel alone in this world. But you are not dear one. This group

is a virtual family of friends who extend their support to you. When you are comfortable

I hope we hear in how we can help lessen your emotional stress. I care. :) xx

DollJuice, I do need to ask your age since there is a minimum requirement

for this site and that is for your protection. xx

DollJuice in reply to Agora1

I'm 16, friend. :)

Agora1 in reply to DollJuice

Hi DollJuice, I'm more than happy to help you any way I can.

It's got to be very difficult for you to be in the position you are

in. If you want, you can PM me anytime. Either way, we are

all here to help you take the next step forward. I'm glad you're

here. :) xx

DollJuice in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much :)

Get out if that room.Its becoming your jail cell.

Get out take walks. Dont drink alcohol it makes it worse as do drugs. If you are broke like me....walks are free. Find a therapist and relax. Everyone's family doesn't listen they have problems they hide also.

I know I'm there Go take a walk take pictures study mushrooms they are awesome!

DollJuice, I don't mean to scare you away. As long as you are at least 16 y.o.

we can and will support you. I have a daughter who is anorexic, so I can understand

a little about you having no friends. But know that we do understand your struggle

and are more than willing to help or at least direct you to someone who can.

Let us know please how we can help. xx

Same here, I m am a nurse

who works nights and my dog got to come live with me since I injured my ankle. But she just went home she missed her house and routine. Get a dog, I talked to mine all the the

Time and she lifted my spirits. You can get your doc to sign an emotional support dog if it that that. I had my dog come stay with me because my other dog passed and I needed molly to love me. She saw my mom today and as whining all day we we we on walks she’s fo directly where she for out out of the car. I slept al day because I miss have someone to be with me and give me her goofy face. Chin up. Sorry about your situation.

We r genuinely interested please feel free to share

I am sorry that this loneliness has become so overwhelming. We all need people in our lives who do listen well and truly hear us. But unfortunately that is becoming more rare. Do you feel like you have had someone in the past who was that person for you?

If you don't mind sharing, is there something that prevents you from venturing outside of your room?

DollJuice in reply to kvolm2016

I hate where I live so it makes it hard :( Thanks for the kind words.

kvolm2016 in reply to DollJuice

That would definitely make it hard. Do you live at home? Is it the family relationships that you are keeping yourself isolated from?

DollJuice in reply to kvolm2016

Sometimes. I feel like I'm not good enough.

kenster1 in reply to DollJuice

you are good enough honestly you are.

kvolm2016 in reply to DollJuice

I truly hope that your feelings of not being "good enough" are not words that have been spoken to you by family members. If so, I truly hope that you will focus instead on the fact that words spoken to us do not define us. Every person is unique with both abilities and strengths as well as areas in which we continue to grow and improve throughout our lifetime. Does that make sense?

I find myself alot of times imprisoning myself. The only way I can break that cycle is to make myself go out in the world. Even if I don't alone at least I am putting myself out there and not keeping myself locked up. If you need someone to talk to I have a great ear for listening and I can always use someone to talk to as well. Good luck in finding that key and freeing yourself.

Hey 😊 feel free to message me anytime on here! Or post on my posts. I may not reply right away but I’d definitely respond with positivity and supportive words.

I used to stay in my room too as a teen. I just wanted to be away from everyone and just day dream or be on my computer..

I don’t know what resources you have access to. But depending on your area or your school you can definitely make small steps to reach out.

Try talking to a councillor at your school. Talking face to face with someone who won’t judge you will help and also expose you to talking with someone. Ask if you can meet regularly once a week.

Create a schedule where you force yourself to get out of your room and start with just 5 minute increments. Each day spend at least 5 minutes in a different part of the house where there is another person.

Do you go to a public school? Is there anyone really nice in any of your classes? Or another person who may be shy? Try sitting next to them. Say hi. And just go with the flow 💕

When I was about your age, I had to change schools. I was alone for about a year and after that I started to make friends. The thing is though, the lonely period actually made me stronger. There are adults that abhor being alone but it does not bother me. I felt comfortable being by myself because of that experience.

See if there is a club you could join,a sport you could try out for or look into volunteer work. You might make friends. Try not to isolate. I isolated myself a about a year and a half ago because I got laid off work. My self worth was low and I was embarrassed although it wasn't my fault. Being on this site I was able to make friends and not feel so alone. Maybe you could make some friends here that are about your age.

just thought I would check back to see how you are doing?

DollJuice in reply to kvolm2016

I could be better. I would usually just say Im good, but im trying to to lie.

That happens to me everyday, I literally have no friends, I don’t talk to no one but myself and I kinda like it... but I understand where you’re coming from. If you want someone to hear you fully, well I’m here :)

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