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Lately I’ve been feeling lonely, and it’s not because I don’t talk to people. I talk with my family every day and spend time with them and I hang out with my friend. I’m not sure why I still feel this loneliness inside, even when I’m surrounded by the people I love. Maybe it’s because my depression causes me to feel isolated from everybody else.

My depression creates dark clouds in my head but nobody can see what’s going on inside of me so I feel trapped. Nobody can enter my thoughts and feelings to help the pain. I have to deal with it all alone.

I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I just want all of the darkness to go away...

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I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. There have been times where I was the same way. It was as if I could ever feel happiness and all these friends and family couldn't help my loneliness. But what helped me was that I opened up to everyone. I started telling them what's stressing me out. I started to give away my feelings inside and it truly helped. I started talking to people on this forum and I learned that I wasn't alone. You could try the same thing I did and you won't feel as lonely anymore. A lot of us here have been through the toughest of times so we know partly what you are going through. Best of luck to you, stay strong and stay tough my friend :) .

I often feel the same way. Even though I may be around others, I feel uncomfortable in my own skin which isolates me. Many times I just want to go home and be by myself. I'm trying to work on that. Like zevietnameseguy said, maybe you can share your feelings. I recently did that with a friend only to learn that him and his wife have depression. I would never had guessed as they are both successful and seem to have it all together. Learning that made me feel better...


I have been thinking lately about Loneliness. I am starting to think while we feel lonely around others it’s not really loneliness in it’s true sense but a desire to create a perceived experience we had in our past. When in reality relationships especially with family change over time and grow. When we get depressed we tend to fall back on our past experiences to comfort us, but since our relationships have changed we can’t get that experience that we remember and thus feel lonely around people. Am I crazy or does this make sense?


Hello Olivia!

From my experience, I’ve had to accept the fact that no regular person or my loved ones are going to understand how I feel or what I go through. Hasn’t happened in about 30 years, so I pretty much have my answer! I have exhausted this idea and choose not to waste my time and energy on making it happen any longer. Letting go of it frees up some more energy that I can use to help myself. My thoughts are not to depend on others for understanding or happiness. You will continue to be disappointed time after time. I come here to vent because they know what I’m feeling. I see my Psychiatrist every 2 months, take my meds and work on helping myself everyday. I just don’t need the understanding of my loved ones in order to heal...wishing you the best! 🌺🙂🌺

I am new to this thing myself but i totally relate to how you feel. i do the same thing all day at home with my partner sitting just a few feet away but i don't say anything because i fear that he just can't understand what I'm going through. I mean how do you explain things in our heads when I already think someone will never understand me. So thats why I'm still coming back to this site to find people like you that understand people like me. so thanks! kiddo.

Remember, nobody is a mind reader. Perhaps just opening up to the people who care about you will also get them to share more about themselves, and to be real.

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