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I have been recently hospitalized After your time is up they send you to a day program for a few weeks. After that your on your own. I don’t me your on your own with the m deal part .. yes you have your psychiatrist and your therapist... but when I was in the hospital for attempted suicide. We did a lot of group therapy and I found that listening to people who are depressed and suffer from anxiety and have mental illness I relate to so much and it helps me to hear their stories.

So I tried to find group therapy in my area which is Dallas Texas .They don’t exist. If you have substance abuse. Your set you can find groups anywhere. It would be nice to have some free groups where people can get together to talk about there’re stories just like AA and maybe we could even create a sponsor for our group the way AS does it. Anyway I will keep searching and bringing it up . Maybe one day some will listen.

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I agree with you. There needs to be more support groups out there for those suffering in any way. This online forum is a good start but a more in-person group can definitely have its benefits. I was also just recently hospitalized and am looking for the same thing. Guess I’ll see if there’s anything in my area and go from there. Until then, I’ll keep using this online support group. It can help; even if only slightly.

I’ll definitely let you know what I find. I’m in Dallas where are you?

They have them at Mhmr. It's a free program for mental health and they have a few locations there.

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Also the women's center in Arlington.

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Hi what isMhmr?

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It's mental health and mental retardation. I went to the North Richland Hills one for free for seven years. All free meds and counseling, groups and all. It's income qualifying and it's either free or very low cost and the cost is still voluntary. You still get treatment. Call them. They are wonderful. The women's clinic is for women with depression and history of abuse. It costs but not much. I have no insurance. Look up Mhmr for locations.

Check out Mental Health America of Greater Dallas peer-led depression support group (214)-871-2420

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I will ! Thank you so much😊

Bring this up with your doctor and therapist. They may know of a support group and can help you join.

Same here in the east. Just NA and AA. Absolutely nothing for depression. It's sad. Your not alone in what your trying to find.

I agree, I did a group thing at one time, and Loved it, you get to hear and see the persons expressions. It's more Real and comforts me some how? I had will an insurance company called Kaiser. I don't have them anymore. Don't know if you've heard of them?

No , I haven’t

You are right. Drug addicts etc have more support. They just don’t have any ongoing help for people who attempt suicide. Take yourself to hospital if you feel suicidal and then nothing else happens. We are a forgotten group x

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