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know any therapy groups in california?


I spent hours today looking for cheap therapy options and it looks like therapy groups lead by a professional is my best fit. problem is that I couldnt find much on my own or the ones I did are too far or discontinued. Ive looked at peer to peer support groups but the problem with those is that theres no actual therapy happening, its just venting and talking which is great but I already get that online and I need professional help. Does anyone know where I can find professional led therapy groups in menifee, temecula, murrieta, hemet, winchester, wildomar, perris or lake elsinore california? im pretty desperate at this point and I really need help.

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Call your health insurance provider, they have #'s. Lots of care out there. Online is helpful.

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yeah, Ive tried that. they have limited options since my insurance covers the bare minimum

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Same here, I have this site and that's it for now. It is helping:)

Health insurance is the way to go. I've heard over and over that talk therapy and meds are the necessary combo. In 5 yrs. I've seen 4 different Therapists. This past year has been the best one. Sometimes it takes changes to find capability. Keep your eyes on the prize--feeling better!

So many other physical problems have entered the scene with Anxiety/Panic leading the way that it's too overwhelming for me to be sick almost daily with the meds my body rejects. Drs. are at a loss as to what to do.

Seems I'm an out of the box patient.

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good health insurance yes, but I cant afford good health insurance. therapy and meds can help but the finding the right type of therapy and meds thats best for a person is the tricky part that can take years and multiple doctors. Im glad you found a good doctor you like, because thats difficult to find. Its actually common for mental illnesses/conditions to have physical symptoms like anxiety/stress can cause nausea, headaches and muscle tension if its bad enough. prescription medication has its limits though because it dosent really treat the cause, only the symptoms. the more severe the symptoms and the more illnesses/conditions a person has, the less prescription medication becomes helpful. prescription meds are meant to be used to alleviate symptoms until the cause of the symptoms can be addressed and treated to the point you dont need prescriptions.

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I appreciate the support and info.

Therapists will usually do sliding scale & you agree on a rate that you both can afford. You will have to ask if they don’t offer it as an option.

Group therapy can be less costly.

Also support groups like ACA can be helpful. Adult

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i read about sliding scales some therapists have an it souds geat but the prices end up becoming unpredictable and if im with a therapist and they suddenly decide not to use it anymore, I might end up having to find another therapist . I dont think a religous based orginization is right for me either but thanks for the suggestions.

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