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Nothing works! I am panicking


I had been talking lexapro for a few years, its was good for a few years then I was depressed again, feeling nothing, no taste for food, no energy to do anything, i am was in the nothing, don't bother me mood, horrible, horrible feeling, so my psychiatrist changed my medication from lexapro to xanax. I was feeling good for 6 months with xanax and now I am the same sad, no feelings, nothing,don't bother me mood. I had been feling really depressed and hopeless, negative thoughts, I just want to sleep. I thought I just needed to be strong for a few days but it being a week now. I am so tired! Nothing works!!!!

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Hi Flor1, unfortunately that’s what happens with antidepressants sometimes — they work for awhile then poop out. I’ve had decades of this. But there are SO many meds now, trust me something will work. (Also be sure your doc knows everything you’re going through!)

Hi Flor1,

Am I right in understanding that you aren't on any antidepressant? Nothing's replaced the Lexapro? If not, no wonder you're depressed! You need to try another antidepressant. You need to see your doctor and talk about how you're feeling so low. By the way, your doc should always be informed of downturning moods. S/he can't help you if s/he doesn't know what's going on. And...I'm so sorry that you're struggling so much right now. Be assured that it IS temporary. Can you call your doc today, get started on something? Give it a try, ok?

Hugs, Love, and Blessings...🌸💫💞🌊🦋🔆🦘🙏💜

I agree with BonnieSue’s advice to get your doctor to start you on a different antidepressant. Xanax helps with anxiety, but it’s not an antidepressant, and it IS quite addictive. We who suffer from depression pretty much need to resign ourselves to periodic drug adjustments and changes. I feel sure you will get some relief with new meds, for awhile. Don’t forget you have to give it time to work, and of course build up gradually to the full dosage!


Why not try cranial electro therapy

Its helps alots.i have taken lexepro,xanax and other medications for my anxiety. Nothing seems to works well.

Now I use xanax only with reduced dose because cranial electro therapy works for me.

Even my doctor don't know what is cranial electro therapy.

You can Google for this .

Thank you.

Flor1 in reply to rajraman777

Thank you I will do

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