Horrible disabling anxiety

Hello everyone.

I just found this page as I was searching on google..

9 months ago I had some horrible panic attacks and after that I experienced a horrible continuous anxiety. It is so severe that I cannot do anything, I am not even leaving my home. I can go out only if a friend comes to get me out and if I carry a box of xanax with myself.. I don't know what to do.. sometimes I think that I am going insane. I have been meeting a therapist amd he put me on remeron, sulpiride and xanax, but didn't help much. I think that I got worse, then he replaced the remeron with paxil, but it didn't make a change.. so I quit all the meds except for the xannies which I take daily.. Can anyone give me an advice what to do ? Has anyne been in the same situation like me ?

I also have no desire to do anything and I am obsessed with the feeling that I will die or go insane.

Thanks F

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  • Please explain exactly how these medications made you worse? For instance, what dose of Paxil were you on and what was it that made you give it up?

    Why did you keep the Xanax? What is it about that medication that works for you?

  • I took remeron first half a pill and then after 3 weeks the therapist doubled the dose.. they made me sleepy and I was sleeping 10-12 hours, especially the last hour of sleeping I was half awake and controlling the dream, this happened everyday, while xannies I like because they give me an immediate release of anxiety and I think that I cannot live without them, when I am out of xannies I have horrible thoghts and horrble anxiety that I cannot control.. nothing helps.. I have tried all anxiety reducing techniques

  • Did you let the doctor know of the effect increasing Remeron had on you so he could find something else to get you on? If Remeron was for sleep, did you say try over the counter options to help you sleep?

  • Yes and he replaced them with Paxil.. I need something against depression and anxiety, not a sleep aid.. how's your anhedonia btw, did you found a medication that can help with it ?

  • I know what to take. I just need a doctor to give it to me, so I can get on with my life. :)

    Rather than completely trashing the meds, you may want to ask others if they have an idea how best to take them.

    When I was on paxil, I used to take it in the daytime but yep, the drowsiness, coupled with other issues i had, were too much, so I switched to taking it at night time after confirming the half-life of the medication and it worked like a charm.

    I take my current anti-depressants at night too. I try to take them at about 7pm, and I am able to sleep with them anxiety free and the next day, I don't have to fight drowsiness

  • Are you functional ? Do you work and do your daily activities and things that you like to do ?

  • I am of course functional. I don't work yet as I am taking classes this summer.

  • Im going thru soMething similar im scared to be alone i have kids i feel like i have a cloud over me that follows me day and night. Everyone tells me it will get better but i cant see it. I over came depression once so i know its possible. Keep strong it will get better.

  • Same here.. I am also scared to be alone and also don't like the presence of some people..

  • I was depressed in the passed and i overcame it so i know we can do it. Its not impossible its possible. Doont give up

  • I hope so and I hope that it wont take too long..

  • We have to fight the sadness and think positive it's easier said than done but it's doable trust me

  • Not when it deteriorates into Major Depression Disorder. Depression never stays the same over time. It actually worsens the longer you go without actively treating it.

    Same with anxiety

  • Very encouraging.. lol

  • It is the truth. It happened to me, but I saw it coming and did nothing for so long. I kept thinking I could manage it and I did everything I could to do just that until it became a full-time job managing it and then it got me... bad. It became debilitating and then I went for help

  • How are you now and what helped you ?

  • I got on treatment and I am now normalized

  • Has your therapist spoke to you about "exposure therapy"? If not I would recommend asking them the next time you see them. I had a bout of agoraphobia in the beginning of my anxiety and panic journey. Exposure therapy is what helped me out, it's the HARDEST thing you will do, however for most people it must be done at some point and time. Goodluck!

  • I have tried many times but the anxiety is still there every time, it's not just to face something that you fear. I often do things that I don't like or that I am feared of, but it doesn't help. I think the exposure therapy has more to do with phobias than with anxiety

  • Is Exposure Therapy the same as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

  • No they are two different things.

  • Please read my reply to Kobojunkie, I've been in the bad place you describe and now I'm well, recovery is not impossible :-) xxxx

  • Where it is ? I cannot find it

  • Very first reply!

  • Click on my profile and you should be able to read my posts there, :-) xxxx

  • There are too many lol.. can you tell me in which topic it is ?

  • I feel same like you too,but they give me alprazolam,in first day its work but second day not again,I got sleep disorder for 1 month,its make me feeling really bad...at last my therapist ask me about that medicine I said I won't continue it anymore so they give some homework n psychotherapy(like CBT), ...I continue do it till now,it's make me better than last time

  • Alprazolam and Xanax are the same, just different names.. I am happy that you are ok now

  • Yah I know,suddenly I don't have alprazolam again and its make me in bad situation,I really don't like that's feeling,so I desire I stop take alprazolam I want try healing without medicine,try ask your therapist about CBT maybe its can help you too

  • Welcome, breath and sit down. You have come to a good place with supportive people. Just inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth a few times. You're going to be ok. You're not going crazy.

    You asked two important questions. One was, could anyone give advice on what you should do. The second one was, had anyone been in your situation.

    Really sorry you are having such a very difficult time. You sound like you're really in a manic state. Been there, done that.

    We are not doctors. We really can't advise you on what you should do. You have a doctor for that medical information.

    We do ask questions, encourage, support and sometimes make suggestions.

    Did you take yourself off all your medications except for "xanies"? (I am assuming you mean Xanax...but what strength and how often?) Are you taking Xanax as prescribed?

    If you're taking the Xanax whenever you feel the need, you may want to call your doctor as soon as possible. Xanax can be a strong medication with very serious side effects. Don't stop taking it altogether. It can cause a seizure.

    Did your prescribing doctor suggest you discontinue the other medications and help you to wean off them?

    If your prescribing doctor didn't take you off the other meds, and you just stopped them, you may want to consider that and speak to your prescribing doctor again ASAP.

    Stopping any medication can cause very serious effects, as I have already mentioned.

    If you are not in therapy to help you with your anxiety/panic attacks, maybe you should look into that ASAP.

    As to your second question, yes, many of us have or continue to have anxiety. It comes in all types of intensity and duration. It is not the way of life we want, so we work as well as we can with our doctors, therapists, recommended medications, self-help techniques, etc.

    We also read the posts on this venue and try to find some ways other people on this venue have found helpful in our moment to moment, day to day work in dealing with anxiety.

    There is nothing I have read, experienced, been prescribed that will stop your anxiety suddenly or immediately, It takes time and work. It does get better, and those of us who deal with anxiety knows it takes time, patience, a bit of feeling "crazy" sometimes.

    That's enough for you to take in for the moment. There always seem to be members of this venue reading and answering posts no matter what time it is. Keep hanging on and keep writing. You're going to be ok, you're not crazy, you can get better. :)

  • I take 2 x 0.5mg in the morning 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening

  • Wahhh.....

  • So you are taking a total of 3mg each day? You're taking 2 of the .5 pills at the same time in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, is that correct. Is that the proper time and dosage your doctor instructed you to take?

  • No, that is not the dosage that the dr recomended, but at that dosage I feel comfortable

  • Is it twice the dosage RX by the doctor? I take 1mg when I rise and 1mg in the evening. I have 2 of the .5 Xanax if I have a "break through" during the middle of the day with panic or really bad anxiety....then I take one of the .5mg.

    Please talk to your doctor about this. What are you going to do if you are taking more Xanax than he prescribed and you run out? That worries me. I actually did have a seizure last June when I didn't have Xanax for two days.

  • The psychotherapist recommended half 0.5 when I rise and the other half in the evening, but with time I started to increase the dosage myself because I could not control the anxiety and the horrible thoughts... I make sure to never run out of them and always take 2 boxes or in case I run out And cant find xanax, I take diazepam instead

  • Where do you get diazepam? Can't you talk to your doctor and make him/her understand your need for the larger dose of Xanax?

  • I am on 2mg four times a day! That's a hefty dose! I get scared without having Xanax accessible!

  • You take 2mg each time or 2mg is your complete dose ?

  • I take 2mg FOUR times a day for a total of 8mgs a day! It's the max dose but I've built up a tolerance after all these years and I can't get my doc to give me any more because I think it exceeds the amount you can get prescribed! Panic sucks. I feel so desperate when I am in the throes of it and when I am, I sometimes can't leave my apt. or drive a car or go into a store. Thank god that seems to be getting better. As I said, I am 59 years old and struggled all this time and had a career and have a PhD somehow. I finally just couldn't take it anymore and went out on soc sec disability and a disability pension from my job. The downside of not working is that I am by myself too much and get lonely and spend too much time in my head making myself a nervous wreck!

  • You right, I agree with you, need time and patient

  • I was stuck in my house for about 6 months because I was scared to do anything. I was always afraid another panick attack was just around the corner. It got to the point where no activity felt like the best activity.

    I fought this a couple ways. One was the right medication. I saw multiple professionals until I was put on what medication works for me. Another thing I did was get a dog. Having to care for something other than myself gave me purpose and forced me to go outside. I also spent a lot of time with family.

  • What medication worked for you?

  • Currently I am on Prozac. I originally started on medication at the age of 19 (several years ago). They started me on a couple different meds, which I do not remember the names of. One of the things I do remember is that I was seeing a therapist that worked with my medical doctor to come up with the current medication I have been on for several years.

  • I am glad that you have overcomed this

  • I have overcome the need to stay in my house. I still battle with my anxiety every day and its a process. It doesn't just go away. Actually, right now, I am more stressed than ever because I have a big event coming up and I have decided in my own messed up head that I am going to fixate on it.

  • Thanks for the reply, may I make a suggestion of a book that really spoke to me and what we do to our selves. It is "Self help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes.

    It was written about 40 years ago and it is still true today​. Anxiety is what happens when a person's nervous system is fatigued. It has all the physical symptoms, and explains even the weird thoughts and explains it is from just a tired mind.

    Although the language is a bit dated it offers the likes of people with Anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia a golden thing... understanding.

    We get so wrapped up on our own head we believe we are stuck, that's because of our bewilderment trying to solve things in a 'sensitised' state.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Frankys The best I can say is I can relate to what your feeling, completely. I am struggling with the same thing at the moment and looking to get this under control asap. It's awful, it feels all consuming, and I have gone through being sad, angry, thinking I am just going to lose it. So if there's any comfort in knowing that somebody else is in it with you, that's the best I can do for now. Hope your feeling better soon (And me too!)

  • Thanks :) I hope so too

  • Xanax eases my panic, too. Unfortunately, you build up a tolerance for it and I am already at the maximum dose. I have dealt with anxiety and panic my entire adult life and I am now 59. Sometimes I can't leave the house or drive my car so I know what you're talking about--it's called agoraphobia. I have been on 70 (yes 70) different medications. Effexor, Neurontin, Xanax, Latuda and Ambien is what I've been on for seven years now and I cope and get through each day. I even spent $12,000 on TMS trying to get "cured" (look it up on the internet. It stands for TranscranialMagneticStimulation). It works 70% of the time but didn't help me much unfortunately. Thank god I have a therapist I like very much, but daily life is still a struggle. I feel for you, believe me. xo

  • I could have written your post word for word (except for trying all the meds you have.) Since I retired my panic/anxiety have become so bad and now I think I am depressed and think I'm going crazy or dying. I ate up each morning telling myself it will be better today. Sometimes it's better, but the last few days have been bad. Don't want to leave the house...have no ambition to do anything....but I do always make the bed. :) My one big accomplishment of the day. I'm going to have to make a dr. appt. if this doesn't get better. All I can tell you is is that you are not alone and I'm sure you will find great support here. One day at a time. Don't forget to breathe. I DO think we can get through this.

  • Hi I have just had anxiety really bad where I couldn't leave the house but I am getting better I have had a course of CBT which has really helped you should try it it is on the NHS and I think I waited 3-4 weeks to get the treatment

  • Effexor extended release is great for helping control anxiety AND depression. DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) has worked best for me. I use Klonopin rather than xanax; it takes longer to kick in but lasts longer. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right meds combination. If you get into a PHP or an IOP you will be monitored while making necessary changes and you will be learning skills to help you manage and cope with your disorders.

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