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Staying positive fighting anxiety

I have been dealing with anxiety and some depression. For three months my mind has been focusing on negative and awful thoughts that I’ve never thought I could think off. (It’s horrible) but I refuse to live my life like that,So what I started doing is thinking positive thoughts every time I get a negative. I also count 30 things that I’m thankful for I also face my fears which is uncomfortable but I feel this is the only way I will get out of this. It’s all in the mind the same way I got here is the same way I’m going to get out . Not easy but with gods help and therapy and self help I feel everything will be ok.

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Wow, Lismar. You are so brave and inspiring. Keep up the positivity.

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Hi, thank you . We can all be positive and brave. It’s not easy but if we all take baby steps we will eventually heal from what’s bothering us. 💖

I could try that too. My anxiety is getting stronger especially at work.

You are clear on coping skills and redirection, good for you!

Have you been able to get to the root of the anxiety and depression you experience?

God absolutely is with you and His plans are GOOD even when different than ours.

Have you asked God how He can use this for your good?

Hi, what is helping me is neuro linguistics therapy on you tube. It’s not easy but I can’t live like this. I pray daily , I switch my negative thoughts to positive , sometimes is difficult because I try to rush a positive thought before a negative one . My anxiety around ppl has diminished because I get out and force myself . thoughts surprise me and all I say is (what else ) to the unwanted thought. Anxiety is curable and so is unwanted thoughts. I’m also trying the wim hof method .

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