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Lockdown = huge relapse in my anxiety


Hey all, so we are officially in lockdown here in Ireland since last Friday but have been staying indoors for nearly 3 weeks now. I’m off work, my house is cleaned within an inch of itself, I’m bored 😐 therefore iv more time to thing and feel bodily sensations. I have severe health anxiety that had improved a lot over the last few months but now it’s back with a vengeance. Every body ache is something fatal, particularly around my chest area, I’m constantly having negative thoughts, i’v started taking Xanax again just to get me through the day, I just feel so down

Anyone feeling the same?

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I’m in the US and we’re social distancing but not quite in lockdown status yet. Yes, I’m feeling the anxiety rising and it’s coming from all sorts of places: PTSD, major depression I just recently crawled out of due to a doctor’s malpractice, stress of being a single full-time mom of three, constantly fending off a predator due to his parental rights, dealing with my neglectful parents and some leftover childhood trauma, and the list goes on. It feels like I’m being hit with an assault rifle in slow motion.

Ckd123 in reply to StrongMom

Sounds like things are tough for you at the moment and ofcourse this pandemic is making everything worse for everyone. The not knowing when it’s all going to end is the worst bit and the fact that my anxiety was really after improving after years of hell, now it’s back and I’m wondering how am I going to get over it this time x

I wish I could clean when I’m stressed, but I do the opposite. I neglect my house instead.

Fireking1 in reply to StrongMom

I'm always complaining that as I work long hours and I have a fiance and two grown step sons that live with us that it's a travesty they all think it's my job to come home and start cleaning!Or least do it on my days off!And I'm right to complain!Now I've been on lockdown for 11 days and the rest of my household are key workers I'm happy to do it without complaining.Ive never hated tidying as service is a good thing but being taken advantage of,isnt!But I totally get where you are coming from,I know I'm depressed when I dont clean and neglect my house.

Ckd123 in reply to Fireking1

Not having my house in order make my anxiety ten times worse. I find I neglect my own personal care when I’m in a bad place with anxiety

Fireking1 in reply to Ckd123

I think many of us do! I always force myself to get up and shower but I've noticed I havent been doing anything with my hair but I have been putting mascara on when I go walk the dogs..on the plus side,I may look like a witch but my skin has improved as the fresh air is getting to it!

Ckd123 in reply to Fireking1

I hate what i’v become sometimes. I used to really look after myself and take pride in my appearance, I really want to get back to that. Maybe I could try some self care during this lockdown!!

Fireking1 in reply to Ckd123

I would 100% encourage that!I'm sure with a full house and a very clean one you could try to do that,you deserve it.,

Me too. I’m in the US about an hour from NYC and we’ve been under a Shelter in Place order for a few weeks now. I have general anxiety, social anxiety and mild depression. I don’t like going out or socializing with most people so I thought this shelter in place order would t be an issue for me but I feel like it’s making my anxiety and depression worse. I’ve stopped watching most news and even daytime talk shows because they are all virtual and all about the pandemic. I’ve been the same as you, every cough or little chill I get I worry I have it. It’s also been pretty rainy and cloudy lately and I feel like if I don’t see sunshine soon I’m going to go crazy. You are not alone. #alonetogether

Fireking1 in reply to DianeKup

I give myself 15 mins to get the updates every day of the news. You're right,every channel is obviously reporting and even if you're not someone who suffers from anxiety,overloading your brain with too much will eventually sink in and create it. I too thought I'd be the kind of person who could deal with solitude,the difference is,we didn't choose it. I too crave going out,even though it's not the same I've been giving myself half hour on you tube to virtually go on a mini holiday. Be it a museum tour,a front seat of a rollercoaster or just watching a tourist destination promo..I know it's only half an hour and we have a lot of time to fill in our thoughts but it distracts me enough to make me believe I'm doing something different.

Ckd123 in reply to DianeKup

Hi Diane, I hope your doing ok today. Funnily enough it’s bright and sunny here in Ireland which I don’t know if it’s a blessing or curse! Beautiful to look out at and go for a little walk but we can’t fully enjoy it as all our parks and beaches are in general beautiful places are closed, we are also not allowed drive anywhere unless to essential work, food shop or pharmacy. We are all in this together though, the whole world and we’ll come out the other side xx

One of the problem with this lock down is the feeling the walls are falling in on you, and as you say the house is cleaned to an inch of its life. You have plenty of time to think and that will be your problem.

In the UK we are allowed to go out for exercise once a day, we have a dog my Wife takes Him out in the morning and I take my walk with Pax in the afternoon, Have you anywhere you could walk out, that may help you feel a little better, if allowed. Have you a garden, you can go out in the garden all day as long as you are separated two metres from other people.

Do you have any Hobbies or further Diversions you could do in the house or outside in your own Land.

Television and Music are several things you can also try,

Are you managing getting out to shop for food , and Medications ? consider Mindfulness and Deep Breathing, that may help you relax


Ckd123 in reply to borderriever

Hi Bob, yes I am managing to get out for food and I have also gone back to work part-time as they need me badly, I work in disability services and a lot of staff are gone out self isolating. This will either help or make my anxiety worse as I will fear the coronovirus even more along with all my other health worries. We live in a town so can get out and walk but I just miss my family and friends and usual routine of going out for coffee/dinner, brining kids to cinema/playground and just going for a look around the shops. I usually spendbhalf the day on Saturdays with my dad aswell which I love so I’m really missing that. When I wake in the mornings I just feel this kind of dread, it’s a mixture of anxiety and boredom and boredom then feeds the anxiety for the rest of the day. Thankfully myself and hubby have agreed on a gardening project we are starting tomorrow so that should keeps us busy for a few days.

Thanks for reply x

borderriever in reply to Ckd123

We live eight miles from the nearest town and over sixty miles from the nearest city.

It can be a problem at this time being rational with our thoughts and fears, I technically have no family so for me my life in ways domestic are only worries for my Wife and Dog.

I do have My Wifes family to be concerned with..

Over the weeks I have been wondering what changes have been made out in the big wide world since Lock-down, I suppose it is all down to my inquisitive nature. Personally I feel it must be getting quite worrying for you having to still attend work in restrictive way, however been locked away can also have detrimental concerns for people out there. I concern myself what it will be like when all these worries and fears release a negative climax. Hopefully we will be able to revert back to what life was before, Personally change will need to happen and that will again make Society in general balk at these changes. However change for change sake is not really recommended.

You look after yourself, try and keep your brain active at home and consider how you can divert your thoughts away from the worries, concerns, remember eventually this will sort out and everyone will be able meet family members to discuss the Earths Holiday from the Human Race

Keep a hold, remain positive


Hi. Sorry you are feeling so down. You are not at all alone. I am depressed from what we have in my country too. It has been 3 weeks of working from home, not leaving unless to get groceries or to take a walk. I too think any slight pain or ache is something serious. My anxiety has gone crazy. There are times I think I will lose my mind, or have a heart attack. I just wish things would get back to normal, even though my anxiety was bad then too. It was nothing compared to now. Hang in there, and let us all know how you're doing.

Ckd123 in reply to Anxious_City

I know how you feel, my anxiety is always bad but with all this extra time on my hands it just feels worse. I’v been fearing a heart attack for 5 years now and I know even if I got over that fear it would start onto something else like stroke or cancer. I kinda accepted it and live with it even though sometimes it feels like I’m only living a half life with it. Maybe now I have more time I should really try concentrate on doing more self care and meditation, it might help !

Thanks for reply xx

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