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Time. How much is it and where can I buy some? lol


Hey all, Brian here! I was hoping to be on here yesterday or today to get to talk to everyone but I'm so drowsy and loopy from the muscle relaxant my PCP gave me to combat the soreness from my trip Tuesday that I need an extra day to get some of my pep back. First off, for those interested, the cancer screens went fine. Next month I'll officially one year cancer free. But there also doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for me to do what I need to. Between homework, the quarterly cancer screenings (next one is New Year's Eve...just the way I wanted to spend it lol), and other stuff I'm trying to stay on top of, I'm running hopelessly behind. So I ask forgiveness and patience while I figure out where I can buy some more time and how much it costs lol. I am going to try to talk to everyone here tomorrow. No more muscle relaxants from here on out, they make me very loopy lol. In between homework (I'm now behind because I missed a week of classes because of the trip to the hospital) and running an event for the gaming community I belong to, I will to the best of my abilities be here and chat.

Unless the world comes to an end, in that case, don't blame me. It's bad enough my mom blames me for the start of World War II, but there's nothing I can do about that lol

Your pal,

Brian :)

PS. If you've written me a PM, I WILL answer them tomorrow, come hell or high water

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Congratulations on 1 year cancer free!

bridder01 in reply to Dolphin14

Thank Dolphin! :)

Hey buddy.....I have friends I don't talk to for weeks sometimes, and we know we are all good, life happens and when we connect again, we just pick right up where we left off...never worry about taking the time you need ...you know where to find me.

bridder01 in reply to fauxartist

Thanks! I needed to hear that! :) Check your inbox ;)

A big congrats Brian on your 1 year Anniversary. :) xx

bridder01 in reply to Agora1

Thanks! It's a never-ending battle ;)

Agora1 in reply to bridder01

You're doing good my friend :) xx

Congratulations Brian!!! 😊

bridder01 in reply to Starrlight

Thanks! :) I couldn't have coped without all you guys and gals! :)

Starrlight in reply to bridder01

Awww shucks 🥰 You. Are. Awesome.

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