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Break up over insecurities


My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me because he said I was too insecure and I bugged him too much. Then he was sending me pictures of him kissing another girl two days later. I’m absolutely broken. I thought he cared about me

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Three years is a good amount of time to really get to know someone, fall in love and enjoy a caring, loving relationship. He broke up with you and said what? and then did what? Insensitive git I’d say.

Lucky escape my dear.

You can learn how to manage your anxieties. Loads and loads of good advice on this forum. Read up, see what techniques and ideas appeal to you. Then practice, practice, one ever got fit after a couple of half hearted visits to the gym did they?

Try not to be sad about him for long. You never know who is around the next corner!

Love it and I totally agree! x

And he calls you insecure? It is him who is and you are well rid of him. The rat. x

Sorry for you, I think he used you being insecure and bugging him as an excuse to break up with you? Count you're blessings he's gone. You deserve better.

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Amen to that!

I think he is really cruel sending you those pictures. I wonder what was his motives sending you those pics. Whatever his reasons I'd try really really hard to ignore him n not give him any satisfaction of responding to them. What he did was nasty. And you deserve someone who is kind.

I know 3 years is a long time and you will be sad and angry for a while but try and cut ties with this person. After 3 years you deserve to be treated with respect even in a sad break up.

Gentle hug to you




I’m sorry he was so cruel to you.

He sounds as if he is not very nice at all.

I would say you dodged a bullet there....

It will feel awful for a while , breaking up is the Pitts but life can be so much better ..with nice people around us don’t deserve that nastiness

🤗🌹🌹 xx

Consider yourself lucky for sure! But I know that doesn’t make it easier. Never look back ... he probably will, but you don’t have to :)

A hurtful thing for him to have done to you.

But life will be beautiful again soon

Your smile WILL return.

When the sun brightens your path

Your smile WILL return.

Life is beautiful.


I agree with all your other replies. He was being cruel and is undeserving of any attention for that action. Right now you are what matters and moving on is best thing even though you invest that time in him, know for a fact you are better off with out him. There is so much beauty in the world and others that are loving and kind. Know and trust that is true. Look to rest of the beauty there is in the world and enjoy life. In time you'll get out and socialize. You'll meet other guys that are looking for the same things you want.

Life is beautiful indeed.


What a bag of butt sweat. Karma baby. He’ll get what he dishes out. You work on you!

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