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Got up went back to bed. Up again finally ready to start Wednesday.


Good morning everybody!

I start my new job this coming Monday August 19th. I am grateful to have a job to start but I'm just not feeling very positive about anything today. I cannot wait to start working and getting a routine down .sitting around with nothing to do just leaves me with lots of time to ponder and that's not always a good thing. My most annoying feeling today and for the last six months is I feel like I have no real purpose in life. I feel like I'm going to start this job and once again just become a robot going through the motions. I do believe everybody has a purpose for being here , some people are fortunate enough to find their purpose while others like me still keep searching it's frustrating. I guess if I look at it on the bright side wondering about what my purpose is is better than dealing with my depression and anxiety. I hope everybody has a great day ! and to all who have found their purpose congratulations, and to the rest of us happy hunting.

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Good morning! I'm so happy for you that you will soon be able to go to work! Every day comes with a new feeling! I have lost my last two jobs and that is discouraging in itself. I've always been a people person and I have always loved people no matter who it is. I've not found my purpose in life and I'm looking! I certainly hope that this new job of yours is one that will help you find your purpose 😉 I hope that you can make many new friends! Good luck on your journey, stay strong, stay happy and stay safe 😉 much love sent your way 💕💕💕

Thank you, I'm looking forward to my new job and soo much looking forward making friends .


Congratulations on getting a job...may it all go well for you....

Keep your can do this...

Perhaps your purpose is to love....easy enough to do! I've just been a stay at home wife/mom.....sometimes I can feel inferior because of it....but I know how to spread's so easy to do and the rewards are sky high.... I wish for you everything joyful!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, and groovy hugs!

brokenspirit100 in reply to Hidden

Thank you,

I have a of love to give, but most of my love I give freely to animals people not so much lol.

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My pleasure...keep your head up and love is love for and to whomever, any living being...

May you have a beautiful day...

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy and groovy hugs!

@brokenspirit100, it is nice to meet you on this sight. I applaud you for recognizing everyone has a purpose in life. and.... congratulations on your new job beginning this Monday. You know, I have to agree with you, having a lot of time on my hands allows my mind to play tricks with me. I have learned to recognize to not allow that to happen to me anymore. I don't want to be a part of depression or anxiety any longer. I have overcome 3 deep depressions, lots of anxiety and some even panic attacks. I urge you to focus on surrounding yourself with positive places, people and things you are good at doing, your strengths. everyone has a talent to use. Believe in yourself. speak life to yourself in the mirror. Say things like, "I am worthy", "I have a purpose in life", or I am an achiever and an overcomer". it really does work if you believe what you say. right now what you think is very important, for it determines your future. Believe in yourself and start claiming those goals you want to accomplish in life. Keep us posted how things are going.

Thank you so much for those encouraging words. I am on a new pass and a New journey and I am really trying.I realize growing up if I would have had positive people in my life half the battles I went through might have not even existed but that was then and this is now.what I have learned it's very important to surround myself with positive people only and that is exactly what I intend to do. I have bipolar , PTSD and ADHD. I also am well aware of what my triggers are and I avoid situations that will causes stress and anxiety to build. But honestly what I'm in search of more than anything right now is the support or positive people. I know my weaknesses and I know I cannot do this alone. Thank you again for responding your good vibes and support really makes a difference.

@brokenspirit100. did you recognize your id name on this site? it is not speaking life into your life. I found this out after I became an overcomer. What we say good or bad affects our life daily and is our future. the more you can speak positive into yourself, the better your confidence, your self-image, your desire for life begins to change. remember, this is a process and will take time but oooooh, so doable my dear. if I can then, its possible for anyone as well. if you would like, we can keep in touch bounce things off each other. I can be a part of your support team. I would feel honored if you wish to. I am glad to hear that you have already discovered your causes and its triggers. that is huge. now, I'm interested in knowing how you actually cope daily with it? there are many ways.

I know my ID need says broken spirit. When I joined this group about a month ago my spirit was just that broken. I am going to change it to Bent spirit on the mends. I would love u to be part of my support group. One of the ways I deal with my stress and anxiety is I forced myself out of the house everyday I don't have a car so I ride the bus even if it's to go nowhere but up and down the boulevard. I'm a people watcher and the bus is full of entertainment. Also it's a reminder that I'm not alone in this world.

there you go girl.. now your are talking... good for you.

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