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Oops I posted on the wrong community hehe 😂 (comment here pls)


Yesterday morning I woke up with the dreaded heavy feeling that I’m sure we all know and ‘love’ 🙄

I sat for a hour or two wallowing in my misery.. going over and over all the negative things from my life in my head. Then I thought ‘Nah let’s fight this feeling today!’ So I popped on my Capepron and grabbed my weapons and started to whisk my worries away . How do I like my eggs you ask? In cake!!!! Thats how!!!

Baking sure is my therapy 😊

So my friends here are my few words of whiskdom for today...

🧁 don’t be afraid to take whisks

🧁 life is what you bake it

🧁 stressed is just desserts spelt backwards

🧁 good things come to those who bake

🧁baking is better than punching people (apparently)


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Eggactly ! Should I be worried ? You are making perfect sense to me. Pam

Hope4321 in reply to sweetiepye


Great Advice Hope... x

Why waste our energy on worry. Nothing like the smell of something

baking in the oven that can put our minds to ease.

Looks delicious. :) xx

Hope4321 in reply to Agora1

Exactly!!! Or it could be anything you enjoy. Just putting that negative energy into something else and getting rid of it . Painting, walking, gardening, etc

Agora1 in reply to Hope4321

And eating cake :) xx

Hope4321 in reply to Agora1

That’s the main one! Eat cake 🍰

Aha, that's why I'm so stressed...all I eat are desserts! 😸

Hope4321 in reply to mrmonk

Haha noooo desserts remove stress!!!

mrmonk in reply to Hope4321

Hooray! I knew the low sugar diet was a lot of hooey! 😺 (Cake looks delish btw)

Hope4321 in reply to mrmonk

That diet is abbbbsolute baloney ! (terms and conditions apply, talk to doctors first and do not blame me for any illness thankyou!)

Thanks x it was delish

Hidden in reply to mrmonk

Oh no mrmonk ... very good for you!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy and groovy hugs!!!

mrmonk in reply to Hidden

Phew! That's a relief...for a minute there, I thought I'd have to give up my shakes, smoothies, puddings, and peanut butter -- my entire diet! lol 😺

Hidden in reply to mrmonk

Nope....it's all good..you keep doing what you do!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy and groovy hugs for you!!!


Ha! You just had to come and tease me again with your yummy cake!

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy and groovy hugs!!!

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

Looool I just wanted more compliments really


Hidden in reply to Hope4321

Well here's more for you...You go girl...Bravo...take your bow.....

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy and groovy hugs!!!

Told you agora would smell it 😊

You sure did !

Someone replied underneath my ‘you sure did’ post and and I can’t see the name of the person it the message... and on the timestamp it says ‘2020y ago’

Do you think my ancestors ARE TRYING TO REACH MEEEE?!!!!!! 😨😰😨😨😨😨😨

It was me saying I bet Mel won’t be long no ghost 👻 stories...cool time stamp tho...just in time lisa got a post going what’s your go to tune🎶Whilst baking...ille find it on u tube 😁

Hmm 🤔 you’ll laugh at mine they’re all the newer artists ! 😳🤭


Sorry couldn’t resist

Haha love this post . Even though I say so myself ! Are you gonna whisk your worries away?

I’m giving it my best shot....I do eclair...I am going to think happy 😃.....happiness..happiness...the world is full of happiness.🎶

Yes, all you Knead is POSITIVE THINKING! 😊

Yeah no crumblin ....have a flour...🌻

Thanks ! Cake it easy okay?

Thanks...we can beat this...if we bake the most of a bad situation 🤔

We sure can and hey we’re all here for you.. we will never dessert you

Just come on here and have a waffle 🧇

Yaaaaaaaas love it ! 💃

Flan tastic!!!!

😂 You’re a funny weirdough!

You tarted it .....😊.....I’m off to watch baking bad

That's a priceless story! 😁 That was like reading a short novel with an epic ending. The only disappointment I felt was not having a piece of that glorious looking cake. Thank you for sharing your words not so much the cake. 😂

🤣 I thought let’s give everyone a little story time.

Hey hey hey now come on the cake is right there! Help yourself will you!

😂😂 Love it!! Xx


Haha love it ! I also love to bake which is a fairly new thing (for me) . I love the feeling that I have done something productive and I like cake 🙄

My motivation is the thing that always go first when I am ill. I think baking is great because it focuses you thoughts on something else a distraction, tomorrow I am making chess cake from scratch 😏

Hope4321 in reply to Poohbear76

Yayy hello fellow 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳!!!

We will all be waiting for a photo of this cake whether it’s moist or burnt to a crisp we’ll be proud 🤣

Well it's a no bake cheesecake so I hope I don't burn it ! 😂 One of my favorite things to bake is banana cake it's so quick and easy and tastes amazing. I made one today I try to convince myself because it has banana in it classes as one of my five a day 🙄

Hope4321 in reply to Poohbear76

Of course it classes as one of your five! And don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Oooh I might need your banana bread recipe 🍌 🍞 pretty please 🥺

I made this for ya ...get well soon



😁 thanks for sharing ...gave me a smile on an anxiety ridden morning ..and so I lightened up just a bit


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